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  1. oh alright thanks i'll try this out!!!
  2. oh i did that problem is that those aren't the lowest settings it's able to go like i tried that but it has all these fancy graphics still like hair shine and shadow and yes i unchecked all the boxes and moved the sliders to the left but it still gives me fancy graphics
  3. so since i know my comp can't really handle this game i used the low end pc optimazation the problem is that the largest the screen would go is 800x600 and well i have a 1400x900 screen (give or take) so it's very small on my screen and the letters are tiny is there any way to keep every other setting but change it so the game screen can go to at least 1350x600 so it's bearable to read text.
  4. What about a MEGA SERVER???

    this seems like another good idea have people login and just join a channel instead of a server where people are cut off from one another this way people can just join whatever channel you are on or you join them and no worries if you are all on the same server. well what about if you DC you can just get invited back into the party and change into like the party channel or something around those lines and hmm weird if NCsoft had this system in another game wonder why they are doing it like this??
  5. What about a MEGA SERVER???

    this seems like a awesome way to party with anyone from other servers I LIKE IT!!!
  6. Suggestion for Female Lyns:

    yeah but that's for people who like mature women what about people who enjoy the petite frame or even the people who yern for forbidden fruit sure it's wrong but it's just a game.
  7. What about a MEGA SERVER???

    hmm you bring up good points what about a proposal to join servers but keep them seprate at the same time like say the servers act to maintain character info and data but when you want to run certain things with people from other servers you are able to without the lag and ping issue also this way pvp would be based on all NA servers and not just the server you are on.
  8. What about a MEGA SERVER???

    ah but what about one server but different channels like how other games do it like DFO
  9. Don't remeber what game it was that introduced the idea of a Mega Server (per region). (i think it was Wildstar) But what if we had one of these? that would mean a mega server would have the capacity of all 10+ servers and we would all get to play together. This to me seems like a good idea but if anyone has an actual reason as to why not then please share. as for queue times well considering since the capacity is increased wouldn't this mean it would wipe those out? -by a very positive/optimist player ^^
  10. What can we do about the BRs?

    well things change from early access to offical release nothing stays the same man and that's because you are smart and proably disabled some chat features and/or are actually playing the game than looking at world chat
  11. What can we do about the BRs?

    and there you have it man Jiwan is the unoffical/offical BR server of BnS and yeah the editor is pretty buggy
  12. Suggestion for Female Lyns:

    dude i know what you mean i mean i'm alright with the flat chest since flat chest is justice but the costumes for female Lyn are pretty bad sure the swimsuit and the Eu ones aren't bad but everything else is just to baggy. Like ugh PLEASE NCSOFT RELEASE SOME LEWD FEMALE LYN COSTUMES I NEED THIS AS WELL AS OTHER PLAYERS NEED THIS!!!
  13. What can we do about the BRs?

    uh don't know about you but pretty sure it is since that has the influx of more BR than any other server.
  14. What can we do about the BRs?

    well you are on Jiwan the unofficial BR server so don't know why you aren't learning already?

    first you have to find someone willing to marry you man then you can move on from there.