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  1. I give up, i am going to work, i hope when i come back everything is good you pieces of meat!
  2. I have some hope in your words... i wish its true girl... FeelsALittleBitLessBadMan
  3. You letting me down girl FeelsBadMan
  4. When is that? 1 hour? 2 hours? give us a little bit more information please. I was waiting to play it all day and be with my homies and now this is literally frustrating. Fix it please. Let us atleast have a good taste of the game from the beggining
  5. This is unacceptable. Waiting til 6 in the morning here in EU and now they come with this bs... come on man! if you launch something atleast let us be happy about it... i though this game is going to be a new era and now they *cricket*ed it up... forcing another players to join other servers. They might ignore us, like always, but if you let the player from the beggining with a bad taste... he might never launch the game again. Its so sad. SMH