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  1. To me the enrage mechanic in the end is just a form of a dps/gear check; no matter how good you are at capitalizing damage, parrying, or blocking, if you don't have a minimum amount of gear then you are screwed either way. I would say the least you need at this point to pass floor 7 would be a True Profane evolved weapon with decent soul shields. Whether this is fun or not it's debatable, to each their own I guess. Not sure why the developers decided to institute this kind of gear check, but I doubt they'll remove it any time soon.
  2. The fact that it is safer to buy Ncoin through a 3rd party seller instead of going directly to NCSoft and risking your account banned without recourse shows how absurd this situation is. I don't think this is a customer service issue (as abysmal as they are) but rather of the payment processor, since they are ones flagging the "fraudulent" payments. NCSoft really needs to sort this out as they are practically banning those who are willing to pay money. Pretty sure that people are less likely to buy with the way they are being treated as of right now.
  3. What NCSoft has stated so far on this regard is that they won't lip sync jp/kr voices in the animations so it wouldn't be "official;" however, they are still in discussions whether they will bring voice overs in an "unoffical" way. https://youtu.be/HqhGzyD93zg?list=PLPOWWmEmI5hPUBurk2ZeAMMf-axm159yf&t=2432
  4. Well it's not like the prices of Moonwater transform were fixed at the time, at one point they were around 8g and were steadily declining to around 5-5.5g before the rng boxes were even out. People still use Soulstones to trade for transform stones either way anyways. The master loot issue really needs to be fixed one way or another though, that is quite a critical issue if people plan to use the cross server dungeon function. Pretty sad what some people resort to at times just for the sake to grief others.
  5. The only problem I have with the rng boxes are that the Moonwater transformation stones are inside it. Having the transformation stones inside just creates less incentive for people to work on their crafting guilds, this just feels like what Trion did with thunderstruck trees in Archage all over again. I love how some people were saying on forums that NCSoft changed the quests that rewarded Moonwater stones so that it would take longer for players to reach end game; and yet, NCSoft turns around and puts it in lockboxes, pretty well played by NCSoft there I guess... I
  6. Why do I feel this is NCSoft's response to people decrying how the prices of costumes in the Hongmoon store were too high...
  7. Not sure which Tier/ Stage you guys picked, but some of them do have a recast time or need to be stationary for it to work.
  8. Not sure how you came to the conclusion that I don't want them to fight the gold spam. I am a realist and understand that spam wont be 100% free in any type of game unless it's a single player game. In my view, it seemed as you were the one who said NCSoft wouldn't do anything at all since you were so exasperated by this issue that you felt you had to leave the game. They are working on it, contrary to what it may appear to you, while it might seem be too slow and too late for your liking.
  9. You make it sound like as if it is only BnS that has had an issue with bots and gold sellers when it came upon launch. Every single other MMO that has recently launched has had issues like this (Wild Star and Archage easily come to mind.) Behemoths like Blizzard still face issues when it comes to gold selling spam and botting, which is why they have even resorted to suing those bot makers. So yeah, bots and gold sellers were not invented yesterday; however, no one has perfectly solved the way to mitigate them. Is the spamming rampant in this game? yes. However, like yo
  10. That is quite heartbreaking, I was hoping to see a better resolution at the end of this thread. I still don't agree how they handle some of these issues, as they state it's final and without any type of recourse. NCSoft could of easily just suspended the account, informed the user of the refunded charges, and, ask for an alternative type of payment but decided not to. In the end, a user who was willing to pay for something ultimately ends up losing his account through no fault of his own but due to the payment processors.
  11. Your cat gains some stats based on your own stats ( ie weapons, soul shield, rings etc.) Like the others have said, if you really want your cat to tank then you should get "Crouching Tiger" Tier 3 Stage 2. I would also go for "House Cat" as it really makes your kitty a tank powerhouse that you rarely bother to look at its hp. Everything else apart is up to personal taste I'd say (then again Sunflower seems like a must get skill too.)
  12. The fact that they say that there is no recourse nor any way to contest that is quite fail on their part.
  13. Well you might say they have a reason, but for what reason did they have to change the time travel part other than just personal preference? If it was so confusing why was it so easily summarized by Bearil (mind you he summed it up so well I couldn't add anything myself.) At least we both agree that that section of the story was badly handled, but they wouldn't need to patch anything at all if they had gone with the original story. And yea, things will change even the original KR story...but doesn't mean that because they changed from canon in KR, they are free to chan
  14. That is the part that I find somewhat amusing when it comes to all of this heavy editing. Throughout certain parts of the game there are certain recurring themes like how certain characters show condescension towards women, but in the end the women end up being shown in a better light because of it. One is with the pottery girl from Cinderlands where you end up breaking her pots and she ends up making better ones showing she is fit to become the next leader. Another one that I can think of the top of my head is the Lycadi Huntress. The other tribe didn't like her as the leader sinc
  15. And that is the issue most of us in this thread are having, even after all the editing they did, it did not fix anything at all. It just made it more confusing and will only create more plot holes. "We are doomed" might not cause problems in any region, but neither did the time travel part; and, yet, it was changed.
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