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  1. Is Arena Dying?

    Revisiting these forums, it doesn't surprise me a thread like this is on the front page. I mentioned months ago, before I quit mid March (shortly before they added the expansion to level 50), that this game wouldn't see the success it deserves if they don't solve the issues with PvP (mainly about the balance issues and lag, apparently the thread I started back then is to this day the one with the most replies). - Balance was obviously one of the most important issues; I only got to platinum (~2000 rating) on Assassin/BM yet on my Summoner I was in the top 100 (overall, ~2200 rating) in Europe in the first season. I suppose this got better since they added the new levels and HM book skills. - Lag was a major factor and I doubt that's been fixed by now. - Bots were a severe problem in the lower rating brackets and ruined the game for many people and I doubt this has been solved. - Certain cheats took far too long to deal with. - Then with the added HM levels they favored people that played the game a lot, leaving the casual PvP'ers at a disadvantage. - I can imagine HM skills have also lead to the above scenario, if the prices are still as insane as they were for the initial few HM skills. All in all, as I said, I'm not surprised if arena in this game is at a massive decline. Huge potential, sloppy execution. Damn shame. Perhaps it was destined to fail, the same way Bloodline Champions failed despite being an incredible game, but these issues certainly didn't help avoiding that fate.
  2. I reached diamond on my Summoner and platinum on my Assassin/Blade Master with 200+ ms in Europe. I can guarantee you that reaching diamond on all of them would be incredibly easy with proper latency though. The general skill level in Europe B&S is relatively low compared to other eSports I play. Simply not enough good players playing the game (anymore?).
  3. As the title states, it was class rank instead of overall rank that mattered for the rewards. I have no idea if this was ever specified, I didn't really bother doing research. RIP missed the outfit by like 5 rating on my Summoner and not by much more on my BM.
  4. Really NCSoft?

    Yep. 99% of the time if you see a player slowly face you while CC'd (stun, daze, knockdown, rooted, webbed, dead.. you name it) it's a bot.
  5. Really NCSoft?

    Bots have been doing that for weeks. Nothing new.
  6. I've seen a BD bot aswell in the short time that I was at low rating and it was on my Assassin where the ranged Sunder was far tougher to dodge than anything any other bot threw at me. BDs are also flat in the middle with only slightly less representation than Destro/Sin while being objectively easier to play and thus second to Summoners when it comes to representation in platinum. They're not "meh" whatsoever. I think BDs are "less" represented in diamond because most people rerolling to FOTM simply rerolled to a Summoner for this season rather than a BD. I could've achieved the exact same thing on a BD as I did on Summoner (reach diamond at HM1 with less than a week experience). Playing an easier and stronger version of the same thing (BM) just didn't interest me as much.
  7. I've been 1899 on my BM just to meet 3 Summoners in a row which are unbeatable unless they're mentally handicapped, especially with the retardedly high latency in Europe. I had been 2096 on my (by now diamond) Summoner just to lose a 1-1 match doing 79k damage while the opponent did 81k when he was pinned down on ~5000 health when the timer ran out.
  8. No. You can only severely inconvenience yourself by making your character look different than you want or have a name you don't want. Other than that, don't sell your upgraded items since as far as I know you'd have to restart upgrading them all over (never tried but I assume that's how it works). All of that is changeable though. When it comes to talent builds, changing it is completely free and instant. Can't change character gender though as far as I know, so there's that.

    Guys, guys. We just have to accept that our connections are just bad! After all, it's our fault Blade & Soul is literally the only game where we have 200+ ms while we have below 50 in everything else. Really, has to be our connections. Nothing that can be done! That was sarcasm, by the way.
  10. what's the official words on deranking?

    As Sync said, when you get 2300+ rating in tag match you get queues going up to 10 minutes. Not to mention that meeting the exact same people over 10 matches in a row when the queue finally happens gets really, really boring too. It's not quite WoW levels of bad, where back in TBC (season 3 and 4 especially) if you were on 2500+ rating, you'd have 30+ minute queues just to meet a team that was so much lower that they gave you 0 rating. I've sat through that more than I'd like to admit, just to keep rank 1. Difference with the old WoW system is that you could just start a new team there and poof, you'd be good as new. Here the only way to drop is deranking on purpose. So I can't blame people for doing it, just like I can't blame people for doing it in WoW these days (with the new system) either. Though it's rather pointless there since you get a reward out of being the top, while Tag Match here is literally nothing but a grind for Beans so staying at 2100 is far more profitable than going higher. That said the rewards for being a good PvP'er in this game are absolutely rubbish. You're either the top 30 in 1v1 or you get jack sh!t. That's not how you convince people to continue playing after reaching a milestone. Copy WoW: make it the top 0.5% get something and make it both 1v1 and Tag Match. Give Tag Match a different reward to differentiate and you'll see a lot less derankers already since there's a reason to go for high rank that isn't just tournament level rank.
  11. About Risktaker outfit

    After I equipped it, it no longer said that it required diamond. I haven't dropped since equipping it though, so I can't really confirm it.
  12. And then you have these HM levels that encourage botting for experience.
  13. Hamoud, I suggest you stop replying to SoonTM. You're digging your own grave just because you're awful at understanding the English language. On-topic: I'm sure there's rich folks who may or may not run multiple bot accounts to farm money that like to min-max their character every patch, so chances are it'll sell.
  14. BD or BM

    Both are rubbish in PvE. Play a Summoner or Force Master if you want to excel at PvE. Their damage is far superior and far easier to pull off. 90% of the abilities in boss fights also revolve around melee dodging things, while ranged players can just mash the same combo over and over without having to know let alone worry about boss mechanics. Probably not as fun, but certainly more effective. Can't speak for Warlock yet. As for PvP, BM and BD are basically the same thing. BD's combos are far easier to pull off but their damage when both are played well is about equal. Difference is however, a BM doesn't have any efficient defense. BMs get Block, which while defending you against attacks, has "defense penetration" counters and "defense cancel" counters. You know, the thing fighting games are ment to be built around: countering each other's moves. With the creation of BD and a lot of other classes though, that thought was thrown out of the window and they decided to give BDs near infinite amount of IMMUNITIES which can NOT be countered by "defense penetration/cancel" (or anything else, which is a terrible design). That said, BD is amongst the top PvP classes. BM is the worst PvP class. Simple reason is that one has a counterable defensive ability, the other does not. BM is supposed to become good at level 50, but by then this game will be as dead as TERA is.
  15. Apprehensive about starting pvp...

    BM requires insanely good knowledge of other classes, but more importantly, insanely good latency compared to most other classes. I have 220 latency in arena because the European servers are absolutely garbage. I have a hard time maintaining platinum on my BM. I decided to reroll Summoner and on that I am diamond, top 200 in Europe with a lower HM level than my BM. If you want a more enjoyable and easy time, reroll to something else. If you want to painfully prepare yourself for the future where BMs are supposedly better than they are now and your latency isn't atrocious, then play BM.