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  1. I don't see anything clickable that will allow me to download the voicepacks in the OP. Do I just follow the instructions and something will be downloaded automatically?
  2. Was curious to see what the Japanese voice sounded like, but all download links have been removed. GG all. Making the option to change voice audio baseline does seem like an interesting idea.
  3. Request for Class Forums

    I support this! It's a great way to build communities and create original content. It also allows the exchange of knowledge and sometimes great memes too!
  4. There is? I'll take a look next time I'm in game. Thanks for mentioning it.
  5. I forgot a "auto-sell grey items/vendor trash" button would be useful. Or a mod if modding is allowed.
  6. Is it better to vendor items that I can't use, or salvage them? I have more than enough to be upgrade my gear.
  7. Having a separate compartment or inventory for Soul Shield fragments. I'm running out of bagspace and bankspace because of wanting to save all of them because I eventually want to get the complete sets.
  8. This bot is also on Iskanun as well.
  9. Lyn is best race

    I wanted to try out Summoner, but Lyn are the only race available to them sooo. I think Lyn look pretty good with beards!
  10. Old Man Cho is one of my favorites. He's just so funny and crazy. Also he has such a fluffy beard. What are some of your favorite characters in the game so far?
  11. Forum category- Classes-

    I second this. It's a great way to develop a community around each class. I often look up guides or class discussions because I like learning about the class I play.
  12. Unhealthy Obsession with Male Lyn Characters

    Here is my character. Tried to go for the "Badass Sage" look. I think I succeeded. He's only level 12 at the moment. Sorry I forgot to disable the UI for this.
  13. Unhealthy Obsession with Male Lyn Characters

    I'm imagining a bunch of angry Lyns with that facial expression yelling obscenities. It's adorable! I'll post mine soon, just need to removed a talisman from his head first.
  14. Unhealthy Obsession with Male Lyn Characters

    Pictures? Or are you also stuck in the que like I am?
  15. Unhealthy Obsession with Male Lyn Characters

    For my Summoner I went for the bearded badass look. Badass beard and face but also a fluffy squirrel tail. Only regret is not giving him a deep voice.