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  1. Lol Truce! You made my day. Now you can blame yourself :D
  2. Have maximum faction rank?

  3. Have maximum faction rank?

  4. Have maximum faction rank?

    Hello everyone. It seems i have the max faction rank that you can get at this patch. My bar is 8840/8840. When i go to Prestige Exchange Merchant he says "A Faction Rank can go up to 3 with my rights. Please contact to Administrator in Heavenly Island if you want higher rank by collecting Vigor." Ok well i am with the tittle of rank 3 but i can`t collect point anymore. Anyone know where i can find Heavenly Island ? Is it coming next patch or is it just bad translation? Also what if i continue to do faction point quests? Do you think when the update with faction rank come i will get my points ? ( the same like the levels and hongmoon levels ).
  5. For people getting error 4049

    I did , sadly not working...
  6. Bug error after new patch

    Same problem... Please help!
  7. Dear NCSOFT (about skills)

    Dead Zaeris, you have it all wrong. You must do pvp to get pvp skills, and you must do specific dungeon to get pve skill.
  8. It is weekend but the server is empty

    If you ask me, they opened too much servers and the last opened are not much populated and it was bad idea.
  9. Wind Stride game too strong

    I have similar problem. Game crashes after wind stride, after cinamatic after loading screen. Is happening atleast 1 time a day. I found that if i wait few seconds after wind stride, cinematic and loading i have no problem. My PC is really nice i do not think this is the problem. I repaired game and its the same.