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  1. If you're complaining heavily about this, might as well quit now. The game has the same pattern for upgrading until the very end plus the added cost of materials and gold later on.
  2. Doom N Bloom Offically Nerfed (KR Patch Notes)

    Honestly speaking. It's useless to talk about balance changes at this point. BnS US only copies patches from the KR version and it's already way more updated. Any balance changes at lvl 45 has already been discussed and implemented by them. They will not change anything from the US game population complaining about things in an outdated lvl 45 cap. All the discussion in this forum about balancing will not be taken seriously into development. If you want to see if summoners are further nerfed, just search for the KR updates. As I know, all summoner nerfs are already in-game. US balances skills based on the lvl 50 KR cap updates even if BnS US is only at lvl 45.
  3. I'd agree with you that the currency exchange is sort of P2W already since most aspects of upgrading can be obtained using gold. It's just a matter of being explicit or subtle in terms of being Pay To Win.
  4. Leaving for now cya

    Bye. Not even going to ask your computer specs.
  5. How to counter Blademaster and Destroyer?

    ^ That pretty much for Destroyers. Another thing I'm curious about is with Blade Dancers. Good ones that CC lock and spin to win are just as bad or even worse than Destroyers.
  6. Give a Formal Statement About Summoner Changes

    Thank you. This should put the issue of it being a bug or not to rest.
  7. This is not a complain about summoner skill changes from the Rising Waters patch but a thread to look at how NCSoft has dealt with it. As already found out by some members of the community, the changes are actually properly documented in the KR patch notes in the December 2015 update of KR game. https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/topic/175390-the-change-to-summoner-is-intended/ How was the situation handled? -- They have been investigating the issue for days with no follow-ups. The issue has also been removed under the "Known Issues" in the announcements section as of today. NCSoft made the mistake here and they simply don't want to admit or make a formal statement about it to finally give an end to the issue.
  8. The change to summoner is intended

    They now removed summoner skills under the "known issues". They can't even man up to admit that they screwed up on the patch notes.
  9. Dnb not healing correctly!

    They don't have the guts to admit their mistake.
  10. Merry Potters guild overly dominant?

    ^ Soul Wardens craft transformation stones, not Merry Potters.
  11. Do you think BnS will be a true WoW killer?

    The title made me smile. Simple answer, no.
  12. Doom N Bloom Offically Nerfed (KR Patch Notes)

    You're the first one I've encountered who understands it that way. It's sort of understood that only the damage done by the skill itself will cause you to heal. At lvl 45 when we're running with 35k+ HP, it heals for around 3-5k total. The 77-90 is the base damage only. I don't have to give proof to this claim, that's just how the way it works ever since. What we're debating about now if the heal of Doom N Bloon should considering AOE damage or not. Saying that hitting the target with other skills should also heal you is just wrong and a misinterpretation of the skill's description. @Windy That's the problem. Even if we're still not level 50, we are already receiving skill updates from the latest KR version that affects our current available skills. The other listed changes in that KR patch notes has already been documented and implemented in-game.
  13. Doom N Bloom Offically Nerfed (KR Patch Notes)

    Your Doom N Bloom damage crits for 6k in a single tick? <.< Any damage done by other skills like Sunflower while Doom N Bloom is active isn't suppose to heal you.
  14. 0 options for summoners

    Problem with this is that you won't be able to clear challenges with timers since your overall DPS would be low (eg Mushin F7). If there's no timer, the build is pretty good and you can kill almost anything effectively.
  15. rumblebees and pvp is it viable?

    Rumblebees with HM Skill is supposed to be good at PvP.