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  1. Summoner Counter

  2. Summoner Counter

    Blade Dancer are at a big advantage vs summoner, but somehow this "2k rated Blade Dancer" hasn't figured that out yet. Which is why this is nonsense. Dara Lyn. I'm waiting in the Arena lobby, come fite me bro. Gold assassin, let's see if you're really 2k.
  3. Take care in Bidding!!!

    It's not stealing and it's not an exploit. You just need to pay attention and stop spamming 'Y'.
  4. Take care in Bidding!!!

    Spamming Y is my trigger!!!!!! #SaveTheY
  5. Which server should i play?

    ya NA
  6. Which server should i play?

    Mushin is where all the nice people are. Avoid Poharan. Those guys are jerks.
  7. Take care in Bidding!!!

    I do that too against 'Y' spammers. This isn't an exploit and there is no sympathy for you. Watch what you're bidding in the future and you won't have to go through this again.
  8. Summoner Counter

    You are not a 2k rated Blade Dancer if you're just now encountering summoner dandelion and how it works and think summoners can block. There is no WAY you got past the 1600's without fighting 9 million summoners, let alone 1800's. Try again.
  9. Summoner Counter

    heh a Blade Dancer is having problems with a summoner..............? You do realize you can easily put the cat to sleep for 30 seconds as a blade dancer, right? Most summoners until late gold (And I'm guessing you aren't 1800+) don't even know what to do if their cat is asleep.
  10. Show off your characters!!

    I can't decide which one looks better. I like the gangplank hair but sometimes it feels like it's too much. opinions?
  11. KFM vs Force Master

    This isn't the PvP forum, but there is a way. Keep trying. I could write out a long comprehensive guide about how to handle FM's but honestly; you're not going to get it until you practice anyways.
  12. 7 Days to delete a character!?

    Huh, really now? I feel like it's a countermeasure to prevent us from holding onto our money. Those extra character slots are what, 5 dollars? And we only get two starting out?
  13. Smaller breast size

    Yun can get close to flat.
  14. Why is the localization so bad?

    I get the feeling playing the NA version that NCsoft put WAY more time in figuring out how they could squeeze every penny out of us rather than how they could produce a top quality product. I'm actually really close to just going back to playing the other version of B&S as a result.
  15. Clarifying forum code of conduct?

    Okay. This is a poor attempt at trolling, I got my answer. Have a nice day :)