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  1. I can't decide which one looks better. I like the gangplank hair but sometimes it feels like it's too much. opinions?
  2. Huh, really now? I feel like it's a countermeasure to prevent us from holding onto our money. Those extra character slots are what, 5 dollars? And we only get two starting out?
  3. jeez.. sorry. Outfit cost is why I'm likely going to quit the game in the next month or so. I spend 12-18 dollars on an outfit i can only wear on one character, but i'm a multi character kinda person. The frustration level is eventually going to rise to the point I want to play something else. shrug
  4. My Kungfu Master alt. I complain to NCsoft all the time about their outfit costs, then turn right around and buy them all.. Sigh.. lol
  5. I bet you're all getting sick of me, but new outfits are on the market. They are REALLY pricy (/sadface..) But I think they look cool, on Jin anyways.
  6. Another new outfit. I bought a ton of subscription time, but I really respect how nice you can look without spending a penny
  7. Another new outfit. I just wish it didn't force flag me for PvP or I'd wear it a lot more lol
  8. Thank you ^^ I don't usually try when i make characters because character creations are often very limited. I tried this time though!
  9. There. I usually don't put a lot of effort into my characters, but for this game i really wanted to try to look neat for my jin assassin
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