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  1. You talk about needing gold and you say your trashing coralite, they are selling in the Marketplace for over 4g each.
  2. m "certain blue guilds" decided to attack the drills on the red channels. We fought back and ended up saving them on 1 and 4. We lost 3 due to too many bots and couldn't enter it. Then the blue players who were questing, started asking in region chat for help. They didn't have enough people to stop their drills from dying. Not because reds were attacking them either. They asked REDS to switch to any alts that they had in blue... to come help them finish quests. Their own faction wouldn't help them. Too many in the faction would rather disrupt the other channels, kill the drills, and leav
  3. Myself I am also around 640AP use a SS With 3 Sparring, 3 Challenger with Green crafted Crit Def infused and 2 high Crit ones from my PVE set. Think highest i've been is Floor 44ish and usually lose to time rather than dying outright. I use mainly PVE build with slight ajustments, 2 points in X rather than 3, 3 points in Sunflower instead of 5. Put the 3 extra in Beckon. I've been using the KD one but will try yours. Also change Q from Taunt to the other tree. My runs usually end due to time, get a FM, SIN or BM that just eats up time. 40+ floor Des or Sum kill me outright though :
  4. [removed: please do not post private conversations on the forums] I upgraded after April 27th but before May 11th. Looking at the replies here your list is borked.
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