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  1. Yes, you can mail the outfits to a character on a different server using those stamps.
  2. Yeah I was planning on doing that for those that don't make it quick enough. And yeah I'll post what region in the clan recruitment section, this is still pretty early in planning so once it gets done I'll post more info.
  3. So I'm thinking of setting up for new members to join my clan. It will run in conjunction with the Soul Fighter release. It'll be a leveling event to see who can reach level 50 first, and those that do get a reward. The whole point of this is to bring some new players in that won't get bogged down with how impossible it is to progress. I will be posting this in clan recruitment but I'd like some ideas thrown at me for setting this up. Any input will be appreciated. (The rewards are still being decided, so these are not official) This is also in celebration of fin
  4. What Hongmoon skills will be available for the Soul Fighter launch?
  5. Good luck getting the 5th one. You can only get it if you participated in the world championship.
  6. So this just started yesterday, getting ridiculous 3-5 second delay on skills. Really frustrated right now considering I usually tank. I don't know if this is an ISP problem or just a problem on NcSoft's end.
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