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  1. The problem is rushing content so much and the nature of the game taking forever and then some to gear up. Other versions had far more time to gear up or the publishers pushed alot of catch-up events to aid people with materials needed (CN did this frequently and while I only started TW midway through the 50 cap they also do it regularly). NA publishers have pushed content quicker than any other localization and they haven't done anything to help people along, left with the grind of the old pacing but the speed of their rushed schedule. Granted you don't need as much gear as people think you d
  2. Now this would be a truly reasonable post provided this was a game like wow or some other where there's gear progression you need to go through in order to wind up in higher end dungeons. How about this: 1) Correct. You don't need to join these groups. 2) False. You can (and I often see) people reach over 500 AP with gear that was fully obtainable before 50 cap even launched, let alone setting foot into any of the new purple dungeons. This is a dangerous assumption on this game as generally the source of our gear is far below the level of content we're doing.
  3. The problem many people have (myself included) isn't the groups with 500+ ap or whatever, I have no issue with people making their own groups. The problem stems from the fact that its becoming more and more widespread that people think you NEED that much ap MINIMUM to stand a chance in the dungeon which is incredibly misleading. That leads to people not thinking they can do a dungeon until those stats. And guess what you'll have then? A bunch of people with 500+ ap that have absolutely no experience because they were too afraid to try the dungeon until they were so painfully over geared for it
  4. Now if only when faced with not being able to down a boss people decided to get better instead of get more gear and try to stat their way through everything..
  5. The problem lies in the fact that many of you ignored warnings during launch and chose to reroll servers that everyone who knew what was coming swore would be ghost towns. There's a reason why you should've put up with the queues back then and the subject of this topic as well as future ones regarding faction farming in 50 cap are said reason. My advice would be to reroll on the heavily populated servers before you sink any more time in, otherwise you'll only suffer further.
  6. FM actually does make a very good tank. Tank classes aren't supposed to tank either on this game, they block and dodge just the same. For example in our current patch both Mak Sobo and Poharan are better tanked by an FM than a melee tank as their ranged patterns are easier for melee classes to handle.
  7. When you use an i-frame skill such as Q/E/SS it counts as an "evasion" and thus will trigger the peridot. You aren't supposed to be facetanking, especially on a squishier class like FM.
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