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  1. I love when people who know nothing make announcements. Really, I do.
  2. But that's the thing. Isn't it strange that using a basic feature is considered not even a viable option because of bots etc;. Not everyone has people on hand to run things 24/7 for their convenience. And some of us gear in ways that are just as effective/moreso without satisfying premade group requirements.
  3. You have seen a force master before, yes?
  4. The daily roll is character bound. Basically you start off with 2 slots then can purchase more up to a maximum of 8 slots. Free players who spend no ncoin will get 2 slots and one "spin" per day. However, people who pay with ncoin can unlock up to 8 slots and spin as many times as they chose to purchase with no limit. As above posters have said everything gotten aside from things that are normally account bound such as costumes will be tradeable. It is very possible for someone to get 100 darts for 1g and resell them for 1g+ each. These events happen all the time on other servers and generate
  5. That.. didn't really even cross my mind.
  6. It's the name from other versions. Ebondrake=Black Dragon Cult. o/
  7. Looks like black dragon refuge (upcoming blue dungeon iirc).
  8. For pouches bought with prestige you don't need anything but prestige. Certs are only for PvP pouches.
  9. Because you're playing a tank class most likely.
  10. I did notice that trend too on TW that even high level summoners were usually the first ones to eat floor. But I think while they are easy in up to the current content, later on it requires dodging from everyone and summoners while they do have good defensive options don't really have many short cooldown dodges like alot of other classes do so it really requires planning out your frames. It's kind of a complete 180 from what people are used to and many simply haven't adjusted yet.
  11. I've seen summoners duo yeti. I also am the one doing the majority of the damage/carrying people through mechanics in yeti on mine. The problem is these new dungeons aren't one you can just sic your cat in and spam without paying attention (which does terrible damage anyway)and actually require the char themselves to pay attention to things. Alot of summoner players skated by cause of the nature of the class and have no idea how to play as other classes without pets to soak up the danger for them do.
  12. Nothing on CN should really count with s3 legendaries floating around. Just saying.
  13. It's a well known fact if you can throw money at this game you'll progress faster. In my guild on TW there were a group of wealthy people who were from Dubai, they started the same time I did about and wound up having full maxed out everything 2 weeks in while I was still working my way through the beginning of the oathbreaker weapon path. That's just how it is.
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