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  1. destroyer exploited

    For destroyer : If you spam right click, the animation is super fast after the first hit so dont think its considered a big deal or give that much of an advantage. I only cancel on the first anyway if at all, but im kinda learning pvp so much else to think about
  2. ok thanks man, stuff like this really helps and you cant learn by watching some stream. I know i have to make the build my own but wanted to test what is recomended as starting point. Servers are offline but il check into the q skill what the deal is! But really any know why my charge(both 1 and 2) is greyed out vs forcemaster?! Think its because he i had freeze on me. Can i make it so it doesnt matter? really make the match unplayable. I was gonna buy a skill page so i have 1 for pve and 1 for pvp but guess ncsoft didnt want to accept money at this time ..
  3. The real WHY summoner is OP

    Its kinda wierd, the 2 biggest OP post are about summoners and assassins, the only classes i feel confortable to beat with my destroyer lol. Is this game rock/paper/scissors or something?
  4. Ok so I dinged 45, clicked on recomended pvp skillset and went into some games.. Iv changed to remove the point in grab and added to persistence. I have like 60/40 win loss ration after 10 or so games. Assassin and summoner seemed easy/doable, just that you get the pet instead of the summoner alot when doing skills. Destroyer : Only met one and he constant spin for the win until he landed a combo no idea how to win the counter matchup, I dont spin that much and i dont know how to counter his spins.. HELP! Forcemaster : This was super wierd, I was like never able to use my "charge skills" they were greyed out.. Never got to do much of anything. HELP! Blademaster : Mostly lost because he was immune all the time or had me in the air, was closer than the destroyer and forcemaster though. .How do i get past his immune? KFM : never faced one but guess same as blade master?
  5. Moonwater Transformation Stone

    This might actually kill the game, you dont leave people with lvl 36 weapons and trow them to the marketplace wolves as only way to upgrade.. or force people to craft. Should be a way to get a good weapon in a dungeon, i never craft much or play the market game. Have worked fine the last 10 mmos and dont plan to change.
  6. skill takes 1-2 seconds to cast after the updates.

    Motherboard : asus p8z77-v Pro Ram :8GB Ram Graphics card : Geforce gtx 760 Processor : i5-3570k 3.40Ghz I dont have any of those services running.
  7. I started playing on release, right after the countdown. Game was smooth, no problems at all. Now a few days later Its totally unplayable. As soon i go into combat it lags without dropping much in fps just everything is choppy and im happy to get a skill in. I can use skills like spin and what not better when not in combat with a monster. It started when all of a sudden everyone in chat was spamming laaag, and a huge lag spike that ended in people(me included) got disconnected. After that game has not been the same, its totally unplayable, iv spent 10$ on bags and this better get fixed soon or I want my money back.