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  1. Its pretty much the same for everyone... get your bracelets to 10, upgrade weapon till at least Raven9 and work on upgrading Accessories from Skybraek Spire.
  2. Why would you use Eon with locked Triple shot when Eon buffs it?
  3. The weapon buffs are weapon/class specific,... and you got heart here with same buff that favors some class/builds more than other and you dont see anything broken here? As the guy above said, NCSOFT is already looking for a solution to this... And the gold aura was a joke, Quit fanboin
  4. Thats exactly right i want it proc once in 5 sec which will still require 50 sec to get the boost. They could simply put a flat 5 sec proc rate on it which will also balance it with fire rate.
  5. You are right it does proc better during bullet storm or during normal attacks if you dont unload.... which still makes it currently broken.
  6. So i finally got it only to get disappointed... its almost impossible to get 10 stacks in a real boss fight, the stacks just fall off. Even with none stop shooting (Gunner) in training room , sometimes it takes like 15 out of 17 sec to refresh a stack... Oh and the aura at 10 stacks is not even Gold like the zombie girl stated. wtf i want my orbs back
  7. There are defiantly more commands than listed in ctrl+alt. Like there is one that makes Lyn walk/jump back and forward in a line. What is it? I couldn't find it.
  8. Well i got 1.2k with Raven9 and know ST mechanics... But every time i join groups that advertise as simply 1.2k i get kicked because they expect Aransu.. That is very frastrating and i have to admit that i once lost it and spammed a group myself. My point is, NCSOFT should find a better grouping solution as a whole.. just banning players means ignoring the core of the problem. Simple gear score requirements could be a good start
  9. Pretty sure you are mistaking. Blue moon badge is popular among Wind BDs and its based on multislash so they are using Tiger. And you are not gonna find a Wind BD on F11 ranking... 99% are Lightning
  10. Yep ill bet some annalist concluded that the soul rip off event profited them more than they lost due to rage quits. Less people means less stress on the server and if remaining ones pay up than everyone is happy... So here is another bait.
  11. Well you buy powders straight up from hongmoon with a credit card or buy gold and buy them at auction house :) Or you could always buy 10k trove keys and get the gems that way :P
  12. Forget refresh rate you cant even change the resolution in this game. When you change the option it just scales your UI but still uses your desktop resolution
  13. Stay away from Black Desert its a game based on so called RNG which is controlled by the company. Its been proven and proven again that they alter RNG in order to control the market. Oh and the market is also controlled directly... you wouldnt be able to post an item on the market for the price of your choosing since the price its capped by whatever they decide its worth that day.. If you think its bad in BnS, BDO is 100 times worse. took 2 years of my life for nothing.
  14. No one cares in fact nothing in Blade and Soul makes any sense. They treat digital item like they are actually made out of gold... well out of green cash i guess
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