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  1. Sin vs FM help

    Ok, yeah it's definitely the chill debuff then. I'll have to find a FM spar partner one of these days and pay attention to how long the debuffs last. Thanks!
  2. Vreezi's Diamond assassin stream!

    the hotkey for swap and intervene are the same, both on the tilde. i found that out running a few 3's games with the same group before reset and we spent 30 minutes looking through the hotkeys trying to find it, lol. also i think you can rebind it, unless the patch changed that. i'll probably be setting it to my mouse button tbh.
  3. Sin vs FM help

    Okay. I think I know what frost tornado looks like, It must be the chill debuff. Do you know what causes it? That might be the one that stops me from turning around and stuff, i usually drop smoke bomb over that so i don't get nuked, or 3 out of it if i'm in stealth and he doesn't move out of the way fast enough. I've got a level 15 FM, I think i'll just have to read the talents, i think it has to be something along the lines of "prevents movement effects for x seconds," but the biggest problem i have is knowing how long it stops movement effects for because many times i've screwed myself by using turning leaf then not being able to shadow dash because i have that debuff >.<
  4. Personal About BM in PvP

    tbh BM just seems very weak rn. As a sin, bm really is just a free win at low ratings because all you have to do is guard break every counter. In preseason, I had to really really really screw up many times to lose to BM, and having played a couple just today (first day back after reset,) it seems to me that nothing's really changed in the matchup. I'm not entirely sure what it is because I haven't played a BM in pvp yet, but from what I've read on forums and class representation stats, the class just seems really really weak.
  5. Sin vs FM help

    So, I've had a pretty hard time figuring out this matchup on my own since I've seen so few FM's in silver/gold through preseason, can anyone tell me what the ability or debuff is that prevents me from using shadow dash/stealth 3, and what the cooldown is? I know it procs on hit, but I just don't know what it looks like if it's a buff or what the debuff looks like so i can time things like turning leaf + sd combo for when it ends. Thanks!
  6. Just takes practice, but yeah KFM seems really difficult. I think I might roll one and learn it though because I like to play things that are hard, and because the class seems to have an almost perfect skill-to-success ratio (if you're bad you'll get curbstomped every game, but the better you get the more you curbstomp everyone else) and I love that. I'd like for sin to be that way, but as it is I feel like I win games I don't necessarily deserve to because the mechanics of the class allow me to get away with so much. TL:DR I wanna reroll KFM because I'll get punished harder for fcking up and then I can learn things.
  7. The real WHY summoner is OP

    what they mean by "the cat tanks everything" is that the cat positions himself in front of you all the time, and in a game with a targeting system like this one, often means he'll eat all your attacks and you can't hit the real guy. in pve, the npc aggro is based on a threat system, so if you're pulling more threat than your pet, then yeah the mobs are gonna attack you, just like in every other MMO.
  8. Don't start with spinal tap in stealth, use shadowslip or X to get onto an enemy and get a couple RMB-F's quickly, then spinal tap and continue the combo as normal (if the opponent uses their guard ability, you can just guard break it and not even waste focus on spinal tap). With close shave, if you use spinal tap right away, all you can do is RMB and like you said, that just drains focus without doing too much; and like mentioned above, if you don't find yourself using close shave normally, don't take the talent because it'll just screw up what you're trying to do. The way it seems to me, you either want close shave or you want spinal tap to not break stealth, having both is just going to screw things up; either way you now have extra points to put into something else.
  9. decoy is fairly easy to outplay, since of course, the assassin must use it in anticipation of something for it to work. i don't know your gaming experience so i'm not sure if this analogy will work for you, but think of decoy as a rogue's pre-cata vanish in wow. if you're trying to vanish(decoy) a blind or a death coil or some other instant cast spell, you must do it in anticipation, and like in wow, if its a projectile you're trying to vanish(decoy), then you use it as it hits you. thus, you can predict with some accuracy when a sin is going to decoy, and simply not hit them or knockdown it(decoy doesn't pop on knockdowns/knockups). also, the cooldown on decoy is 8(?) seconds, so if you do manage to get their decoy without popping it, you have 8 seconds to make something happen before you have to prepare for it again. flashbang is a passive attached to sin abilities(their stealth escape and their stealth stance 3 as far as i'm aware), and both of those abilities have fairly long cooldowns given the pace of this game's pvp (i forget the exact numbers atm, but 3 is something like 30 seconds and i think stealth escape is 20? feel free to correct me on this), so if you can count those cooldowns and backstep away from it to avoid the blind, then you just have to watch for them and try to kite out their stealth since their only gap closers in stealth are said 3 cooldown, X and shadowslip(an ability i still don't quite understand, sometimes it's available and sometimes it's not). i hope this helps vs sins, i main sin myself but my lack of game knowledge is crippling my ability to give solid tips *sigh* EDIT: the decoy animation is also fairly easy to spot, it looks like some mr. miyagi wax-on-wax-off thing.
  10. Assassin's evasion during hide stance

    What I've been doing is to actually decoy then hit 3 as fast as possible. I have a bit of lag, so sometimes it *cricket*s up and uses shadow strike or whatever its called and i knock myself out of stealth, but I've noticed that with the tier 3 talent(? the one that gives you a restealth), you actually won't be knocked out of stealth if you take damage during that animation. It might be a waste of a cooldown, but down in the lowly low 1500's it's more often than not given me the break i needed to get back into the game from behind. That said, vs destroyers im just lost, i've tried everything from trying to stun between spins to taking every knockdown talent in the book, nothing seems to work for me. EDIT: just read jonny's post, i think i'll try that vs destros, but thus far i haven't really been able to get in and do anything without being either resisted or immuned. do i want penetration gems or would that not do anything? or does pen only come from soul shields? i'm not entirely sure yet how the stats work in this game.
  11. assassins bit too op?

    TBH sin vs kfm seems like a fair matchup, perhaps it favors the sin a little bit since they do have a lot of escapes, but overall how a sin wins games is by keeping momentum. If you break that chain just one time, or are quick at pouncing on a mistake, you can turn the game around on him very quickly and, in my experience, it's a struggle to come back from behind as sin since you use many of your cooldowns to keep the chain going (should that be the case? feel free to call me out and give me tips on that if you're a better sin than me). Same case with sin vs most classes currently. Soft counters do exist, but the matchup isn't unwinnable for kfm by any means.
  12. The real WHY summoner is OP

    Very true Nexxa, and shout it out we are; but I think since this isn't the most current version of the game, the balance issues are somewhat irrelevant. The only real problem i have with pvp in BnS is how the hotbars are laid out with very few options for customization. I, for one, would very much not like to lose stealth just because I accidentally close shaved when i meant to lightning slash because they're on the same hotkey and i hit it before it finished swapping.
  13. The real WHY summoner is OP

    Summoners are the Rogue of BnS. Anyone remember rogue at the release of vanilla wow? Cheap, easy, very strong, massive advantages over every other class at the time. Then they got nerfed, not much either, just a bug or two and a few changes that affected multiple classes (ref. World of Roguecraft), then most rogues were losing to everyone; not every rogue, as some rogues were good, but rather the ones who never bothered to learn the class because they always won anyway. The story is the same with summoners at 45; when level 50 comes out on our side, only the ones who really are good will remain high rated. Just sit back, wait a while, then grab your chips and head out to the forums to watch the BabyRage.
  14. Thus far I've pvp'd minimally as I'm not max level and playing assassin so I'm missing several important abilities down at level 24, but tbh the only problem I really have about the pvp is the targeting system making it a pain to play against summoners (or any future class that would have a pet would bring up the same problem), without some sort of sticky targeting mechanic I feel that even when I outplay certain things (like making his pet tap my decoy to break out of the root) it just doesn't matter because its so hard to target the summoner and not his pet, it slows my reaction time and allows a point of counterplay that really shouldn't exist. But nonetheless, I still think the pvp in this game is fantastic.