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  1. 6v6

    so, uhm i went to do a 6v6 and this happened after the intermission 40 second timer thing. and this happened in brightstone and this happened in blood shade all of them happened after a cinematic/glitch of some sort
  2. Guild Voice Chat

    I noticed when we leveled the guild a few days ago (cant remember what level, we got it to 4 in a few hours) in chat it said "Guild Voice Chat Unlocked" im an advisor in the guild and i searched everything in game looking for it including the guild rank settings, does anyone know when this will be fully added? or do you have any information on it :p?
  3. good job double posting that, and nice to see how triggered you are from me asking for a mod to close the thread NOT delete it.
  4. im not denying they faulted on this, but im just saying its silly to expect your ticket answered in a day when theres thousands of tickets and server transfers arent fully compatible so their probably doing the transfers manually and the support team has to gather all the information, like what account what server their going to and whatever else needs to be done. not to mention blade and soul isnt their only game and the support teams are usually split up into portions to cover all the games, as it is i guarantee theres thousands of tickets going out for server transfers. they take priority over you at this point in time. and if i was able to see how many tickets there are being sent in right now, id screenshot just the number and send it to you, but im not an employee. you fail to see all of the facts and demand their attention, you are the typical gamer that lurks on the forums whining. im done with this subject.
  5. honestly, it takes time getting used to it, if you find it a hastle to still use them after a month chances are so do other people, and i know some people wont bother with using them AT ALL due to it being awkward, if you want to re-bind them you have to re-bind the entire game just about. this game has so many default key bindings its not even funny, just about every button on my keyboard does something
  6. you still aren't fully thinking this through, at one point in time the other day there were 500k+ people in the cross server dungeon Que, meaning there was at least double that or more actually playing the game, now think of all the issues you see talked about or whined about on the forums. now calculate how many tickets there could be without the whining with potentially 1million+ people trying the game out. with every ticket they have to look into it at least a little bit and reply with an appropriate and dignified response, even something as small as a badly worded paragraph is enough to make a player mad because most are ignorant, and looking into it takes time then you have to assess how to reply to it, and their also doing server transfers from mushin and such as well for people making tickets, so the server transfer tickets are probably taking a higher priority over your issue. not to mention if theres a large volume of tickets it could quite easily be a week before you hear from them. ticket replies aren't in a que of some sort, they are in a priority list. can a mod or staff member please close this thread, ty :)
  7. that i did not know, i don't care about deleting characters or what server im on i play solo and when i cant solo something in a game due to it literally not being possible at that point and time, i play with my friends, the team working on this is different than the one in korea as well, and if you want to complain without being called a whiner, then go make a ticket because posting it on the forums might as well be a community test to see if you get bashed or supported, and honestly if you have ever played a mmo at release you would know to expect issues. ive been on MMO's for half of my life, there has NEVER been a launch day that went without problems of some sort, suck it up and move on, if you truly are making a complaint because you feel wronged make a ticket. FF11 - ran by a massive company its launch roughly 10 years ago was horrible WoW - had a bad launch as well, also massive company Diablo 3 - more so an ARPG than an MMORPG but ran by the same company as WoW had a week of downtime at launch. since i have a feeling this is your very first mmorpg or your very first time playing a game at release day, shit happens, make a ticket, brush yourself off, and either quit or keep playing.
  8. ok problem solved go make a new account to mess around with, also the game wasn't actually released last friday, they actually let you guys in early due to the founder crap, the game still had a shit load of bugs hence the few updates they did during those days, oh and this might be a cash grab now but heres the thing, the version of the game we got is literally about 4-5 years older than the one currently running in korea, if you can figure out where we are at compared to the korean version then you can read their patch notes and figure out updates before they happen, that being said games back then always had a wait period and since there isnt a "stop deletion button" that means the version we got might also be what was crapped out in korea on the day it released, actually it is because i played it back then, but still your whining is complete and utter nonsense in my opinion, the games only been in full release for a few days. PS: thinking a game wont have screw ups even a week after launch, would get you classed as an imbecile, i can list plenty of popular mmorpgs today that had a rocky start for 2 months
  9. About the Auto-Kick system

    agreed, they didn't even give us a timer for the auto kick, all they did was say it was added. is the timer 20minutes? 30 minutes? is it 6 hours of play? they left that question unanswered and its bs
  10. Crashing and Que's

    What is a Que? think of it as a long line that you have to wait in that you absolutely hate. What is crashing? generally when the game closes with an error or for no reason at all. now then, i can play literally all night and all morning and never crash and all afternoon as well but by about mid day-supper time when que starts (IM ON THE EAST COAST) everytime i go to load a new map or a house or a dungeon that i havent been inside of within the past few minutes, i crash and im back in the que, even now i went through the que went to go to do some life skills, and bam i crashed, i wait through que again i finish my quests i go to turn them in, bam crashed, and right now im in the que for a 4th time. seriously guys upgrade your servers or something, me being kicked for being on for not even 5 minutes in some cases, is just plain ridiculous just to make room for a premium member. and please dont post saying they can't afford it, i cant count how many premiums and founders ive seen walking around not to mention people that have bought nc coins that didnt buy founder and such. to put it into perspective there was about 500k-1million people playing yesterday, those numbers are estimated from the multi server dungeon que where it showed 500k+ in que. thanks for making me have to work 10x harder on the game than i should have to ncsoft, i cant even play with my friends when their on because of this, i finally caught up to them completely today just to crash out around this time. good job guys :) but no seriously upgrade your damn servers asap
  11. GG NC Thank you

    sucks to be you