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  1. This would be the second time this is happening to me, the way I fixed it was a factory reset, and I'm not doing that again for this to stop working again
  2. No as in try it as 32 bit instead, that got my fps back up,
  3. I've also had some weird fps issues, both my KR and Cn client are working fine, but changing my client back to 32 bit from 64bit has helped me, so maybe try that
  4. Show Off your Gunner Preset

    probably gonna change a few things now since I made this months ago
  5. Here about 0:38 speicifcally Just wondering if this is just a wind build thing because I don't see it in lightning build videos.
  6. Need help FM PvP

    I switch inbetween Tornado, and Tier 2 snowball depending on class, like on dest, I use tier 2 snowball rank 4
  7. Need help FM PvP

    So like right after you use RMB use 1, that's how I do it, They may or may not block, but it's still a parry so why not use anyway? You're not going to lose any focus.
  8. Need help FM PvP

    Your 1 (Impact) can be spec'd to be a parry, so can your tab (fire) , you can deflect the stuff they hit you with that's a range projectile, even the ones from the block