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  1. Update came and went, problem persists, new transmutes have been added but no tooltip/UI updates. Sad on you, NC.
  2. Thanks, I get that. And I'm not letting others' negativity affect me, but I really wanted to just make it known to others that we don't have to take this. Seems not many people are interested, so I'm focusing on just public awareness and holding NC to the flames to at least fix their issues if not rectify them.
  3. Yup. Which is why I clearly asked them in response if this is going to be resolved in under 7 days OR if the issue will still be relevant after 7 days, which seems to be their statute of limitations.
  4. Right? I totally thought I was on board with this business model, becaue f2p seemed fair, and I enjoyed the benefits they offered with premium. Then I found this shady underbelly :p
  5. Why did the debate continue after this BnS outfits/racial segregation comparison? It was even hard to read the following posts for me, too much tears of laughter in the eyes... Yeap. That's why I'm trying to keep this relevant and alert as many people as possible since NC isn't making the effort. And I'm not supporting outfit xmutes until they've turned it at least into a system that makes it clear they're pretty much taking $40 a pop at an attempt.
  6. Because that was a slight tangent with one user who didn't even get where that was going. But yeah, I've been laughing a few times despite the seriousness of this topic. Glad you found some humor in it, too :)
  7. Fully agree it's not a bug. It's a UI/tooltip issue, and I've talked this through with their CS as well as with the community on here. I originally thought it was a bug since it seemed like it crafted the wrong thing due to the UI/tooltip being incorrect.
  8. Well, it at least seems that the issue is being investigated. No reimbursements can be made until a decision has been made. I have to figure this effects everybody with this issue, and will be asking how long we can expect an investigation to take, since they have a 7 day window on things mattering and I'm on day 2 now.
  9. That's my gripe. A tool tip or a notice on the loading splash, or SOMETHING. Not everybody is risking their $40 to try, I'm sure many are buying with in game gold (I did, that's part of the joy of f2p is chosing which parts I feel are worth my time and which are worth my dollar) BUT every fabric represents ~$10 that SOMEBODY paid.
  10. Actually, the success part isn't a bug. The crafting can still actually FAIL, leaving the player with the fabric. The UI is flawed, not stating that a possible outcome is crafting a fabric instead of the box, and that to craft the box it needs to craft critically. I found this out by reading up on the problem afterwards, THINKING it must be a bug that gave me the wrong item. Sadly, this isn't a bug, it's NC allowing a system to remain in place that leads the player to believe incorrectly that they're only risking their secondary mats. And there are a few (not countless, unless you can't count past single digits) other threats where people have shared their experience. But this post is to call NC out and educate other players, which I can happily say it has. This isn't a QQ, it's a call out and "buyer beware" situation. Also, all the auto macros are "sorry not sorry." They're admitting that it's "confusing" and that they're "working around the clock" to fix it. However, it's not confusing, it's misleading.
  11. Did you miss the part of this conversation where I stated I used gold, but that this system is an abusive bait and switch? Bug or not, they're perpetuating a system that tells users that they have a chance to get an item and that if it fails, they lose the secondary items and the cost to attempt. The COSTUMES, without any notice actually consume the primary items. So people are gambling under the impression that the most they will lose from a basic 4 fabric attempt is 5 soulstones and 1 gold. Not that they're actually risking their primary items. There are already people that have posted in here stating that they spent money, assured by the transmutation system, to craft a costume pouch and were told by NC "Sorry, yeah, we made a mistake on how it's worded. It should actually tell you that you can lose those. Good luck next $40!" The issue isn't NCoin at this point, it's a bait and switch practice on a known issue since beta.
  12. Please speak to me either after you've majored in psychiatry OR (God forbid) you've had a loved one that clearly lost self control to gambling. There are biological and psychological addictions. As for comparing alcohol or drug addictions to gambling addictions, which is worse. Truth is, there are 2 sides to all addictions, both biological AND pschological. Chemically dependent people ended up there for a reason, AND gambling produces highs and lows similar to other addictions you consider more "acceptable" and stimulates the same release of dopamines. Don't believe me? Feel free to read an article from Scientific American: http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/how-the-brain-gets-addicted-to-gambling/ Also, if you yourself or a friend might need it: http://www.gamblersanonymous.org/ga/
  13. Mekusa posted the following in a thread about the RNG boxes: Everyone that's spending a ton on these boxes take a little time out and watch this video at about 2:50 in are some stories you should hear. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PBtXyv0Q1Eg and maybe some of you that think no way anyone's spending this much money should hear them also. I feel like this is of import, since we, even if we're using this system with fabric purchased with gold, are encouraging this if we continue to consider this $40 GAMBLE for an outfit.
  14. Thanks so much for posting that. Can I quote you on my thread?
  15. Yeah, lawsuits were if enough people were motivated to make a difference. Sadly they weren't, and that makes sense. Those who have spent the money or time to learn this the hard way generally don't have the funds to get really serious, and those who have the funds have probably spent FAR more than the cost to learn this once and have pretty much decided to condone this system with their funds. It's a sad system, but I'll keep this relevant as much as possible until NC actually DOES something about it. Until then, we have to protect ourselves which is a pity.