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  1. But if you teach them to take auto-detonate, then they won't change when they reach level 45 which will screw over their ally Force Masters. Besides, better to tell him about the burn build early on so he'll know what he's in for at endgame to ask himself "is this really the class that is right for me?" Also, since things DO die in 2 hits due to blazing beam, then your build and my build essentially have no differences since they both run blazing beam. Only difference is, my build is more correct than yours overall and will be beneficial for OP to look at and save for endgame
  2. If you can't beat the 5 minute timer there is an issue with the player or the gear. Reasonably geared or skilled players will dps his health fast enough, so the issue for Force Masters is surviving, not beating the timer.
  3. I don't agree that gear doesnmt matter. I could never get past 40% health at first, but every time I come back with slightly better gear I go farther. I started at 24k and am currently at 28k. Pretty sure I'll beat him consistently when I finish my Tower/Harbor soulshield set. It's definitely harder on us Force Masters with pre-patch gear since he can chunk our health.
  4. I wouldn't say AVOID Phantom Grip. While its not bad as a way to get a breather, it is excellent for interrupting attacks. Not everyone can sit there and facetank a boss, so use of disables and stuns are extremely useful.
  5. https://bnstree.com/ Use this site in case you need to figure out any of the poorly translated skill descriptions.
  6. Please do not spec into auto-detonation for the RMB tree. It is an absolutely horrid skill that also messes up the DPS rotations of other players. Instead, the optimal build to use is the Burn build. Refer to this build: https://bnstree.com/FM/EkX8z_Lqx Rakash isn't totally wrong, as the four most important skills remain as Frost Palm (RMB), Blazing Palm (LMB), and Blazing Beam (2), with the last core ability being Force Blast or Impact. This is pretty much how the build works: 1) Stack 5 Embers with LMB/2. 2) Detonate the Ember stacks at 5 with Force B
  7. Don't get discouraged by the people telling you to "git gut". Mushin's Tower is tough and even us Force Masters have a hard time since we're so squishy. It takes a lot of understanding his attacks and reacting to them. Also, gear may be a factor. You might be doing poor DPS since 40k health SHOULD be enough. Or perhaps you do not understand how to optimize your DPS and should look into improving your skill build and damage dealing. Either way, keep trying and you'll get there.
  8. Don't worry. I consider myself an excellent PvE'r but I was pretty much stuck at Floor 7. I think its a matter of gear, I'm confident I can complete it with a bit more HP. Ty aiming for around 30k+ and 45-50% crit. The more health, the more bearable it is.
  9. I sort of like the new Valentines outfit, so I think I'll be buying one for my main. I do, however, want to buy this outfit as well as one of the Christmas outfits for my alt. Any idea if these will be returning next year or will there by entirely new outfits?
  10. I think Blade and Soul is actually really forgiving compared to other games. 30 Dreadtide runs is nothing to me after playing other games with RNG that make me sick in the stomach like Vindictus and Warframe. You know what I like about Blade and Soul? Your income is usually primarily based on dailies and professions, which are time-based rather than RNG-based.
  11. Level up. That's all that needs to be said. PvP is not balanced for level 18 players.
  12. Remember guys, this is an issue about Ember stacks, not an issue of fire vs ice. I'd actually be interested in such a thread of course.
  13. I strongly believe that the best way to solve the issue is to separate everyone's debuffs on an enemy from each other as it allows everyone to coexist without gimping each other's effectiveness due to mismatching play styles. This appears to mainly be an oversight and a fix to help the players out is more of a "why not?" type of thing.
  14. I think "adapting" is bad. Coming from a tennis player where repetition and muscle memory is probably the most important thing playing the sport, it is extremely inefficient to have to change to something you are not used to. By switching to an Ice-based build not only is it weaker compared to burn builds in damage and numbers in the game, but most players might struggle having multiple rotations in one class. Personally, I cannot play more than one class right now, so I may just make a new character who is also a Force Master like my main character simply because I feel I would be more effect
  15. Is purchasing Quartz from the market not an option? The longer you spend trying to find a single one to mine, the more time you waste trying to hit max level where quartz is absolutely nothing to you. Anyways if you're ever lucky enough to find a new channel to yourself, run around and mine those nodes. I got five Moonwater Quartz in a single area one time doing this.
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