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  1. 2 hours ago, Tracmar said:

    The Yun are a warrior race of Females who use their special skills to kill anyone standing in their way. 


    Every year , during the spring , the chosen batch of Yun females are selected as a raiding party to descend like harpies upon the unsuspecting population of various towns around Veridian Coast, Cinderlands,  Moonwater and Silverfrost. They defeat the guards and armies stationed there with their vile, guile or plain butt kicking , and then force themselves upon the fallen but still alive warriors. Thus impregnated, they would wait the 10 months to see the sex of their offspring. The males are killed off at birth by drowning and the females are groomed to become warriors along with their sisters 


    As a Yun, I'm okay with this.

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