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  1. Compensation?

  2. XIGNCODE3 ?

  3. Server Freeze and DC
  4. Server Freeze and DC

    It's not just BnS this is happening to.
  5. Server Freeze and DC This is either NCsoft ISP problem or another DDoS. Losing one game/server is "normal." Losing all of them is not.
  6. Server Freeze and DC

    Probably DDoS. It's happening in their other games too.
  7. Did server malfunction just now?

    It's happening in their other games, too.
  8. More Evidence of Winning Design Being Copied

    Because it's digging the hole a LOT deeper for the "artist." xD We've long since encroached on the "this is not okay" territory, and now to see it in more of the male designs? Good heavens, what didn't the "artist" get their "inspiration" from? (that said, yeah, OP's stuff is a huge stretch, but the one ShunJ linked is another direct trace.)
  9. More Evidence of Winning Design Being Copied

    Oh my lawd. looooooooooooooooool!
  10. In their defense, it's been the weekend, and they should have barely gotten to the office in the last hour or so today, lol. That said, they should definitely look into it today because, yeah, the amount of tracing/"inspiration" is a little too high, lol.
  11. No Orginal names?

    To be fair, I wasn't eating cheesecake when I named my character. >____________________________________________>
  12. Yes. Yes, pretty badly.
  13. Some people do care, and that's why I'm getting the info out there. It's your choice what you do with that info, but, before you make the knee-jerk, uninformed decision to implement a chargeback (which perma's you from every gaming company), and you do want your account back, you should know that your account is gone forever if you do the chargeback.