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  1. pssssst (their boosts actually brought you up to max level last expansion. They just haven't updated the boosts for this expansion. I know this because I play both games.) I agree with the other points though. The games free so they have no reason to toss out free mtx items or services. The only reason they would want to throw one out for free is if population was declining to the point where they needed a big incentive to get players to come back. Most MMO's do these boosts as a way to get people back to the game or get people to recommend the game to friends because they can say
  2. I mean I agree that this happens but it is a curve that will flatten out. Yes dungeons will have a lot of players immediately who don't know what to do but after doing the dungeons they'll get ahold of it. It happened in WoW, it happened in GW2 but once the inital burst of new people doing the boost start to learn things you just end up with an increase in normal skilled players. Plus they have the in game training room now (which even while leveling has taught me a lot of great things) that people can use to learn combos and mechanics.
  3. Wrong. Aaaaaand wrong. This attitude is why mmorpg's get such a bad wrap. The point of an mmorpg has never been "create a game that has long grinds" Anarchy Online Circa 2001 (an mmorpg still operating to this day) was about pushing yourself to be able to equip great gear. Leveling was fluid and smooth with MANY options. Kill mobs, do quests, do missions, you even have kite teams where you sit there while someone else kills massive amounts of enemies for you leveling you up VERY quickly. Gear is dropped from missions and "raids". Loot for missions can b
  4. Ah ok so leveling is similar to how it was when the game first came out where for the most part it's just "grab all quests". A lot of people made it out to sound like you could get through the entire game without doing side quests. Edit: That is also why I find myself so underleveled now that I've hit blackram.
  5. I see a lot of people saying this but am calling bull on it. after a day and a half I'm at 17 on a BM stuck doing sidequests cause the next story quests requires level 18 even though "you can level to 50 only doing main story quests". Also I agree it would have been NICE to have gotten one of the free 50's but given the fact that this game is completely free to play so you can't really hate them for not giving out free stuff. As far as "it's not worth it" that isn't necessarily true. IF you are able to level 1-50 in 48 hours (somehow, maybe I need to look up some sort
  6. Warlock? I don't remember that being an option when I played originally. What are they like? And blade masters are similar to blade dancers aren't they?
  7. Hey guys haven't played much since launch was gonna return with the new patch here, wanted to see about class suggestions for a returning player wanting to mainly do PvE with arena's here and there. Might even throw in on one of those boosts they're apparently putting in. I remember having a summoner before which I remember was very powerful but kinda boring. I guess I'm just a sucker for big flashy moves. Any suggestions would be awesome, thanks.
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