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  1. Go to K and click on Talents. You can choose 1 out of 3 in each row, and you can enhance them with your new points. (For the points, go to U, Character, Skills, and click on them. Also click on the level 60 achievement to get 5 more points. If you had all your HM skills, you should get a total of 15 points with all that) PS: that's for level 60 characters though
  2. You haven't done anything wrong. NCsoft has. They removed blue quests from Viridian Coast, Cinderlands and Moonwater, so your quest for that outfit has disappeared too. I refer you to this post if you want to join us in asking them to bring the blue quests back:
  3. The blue side quests gave a soul to the world and its story. They should rename their game Blade and Soulless now. It has become a sad, lifeless husk, populated by npc zombies. Please, bring the world back to life...
  4. NCWest. Please. Talk to NCSoft and make them reconsider and restore the blue side quests. Do you tear off and burn the previous pages of a book (or manga) you are reading? Do you break and throw away the blue ray of previous episodes of a series (or anime) you are watching? No. If you like them, you keep them lovingly. Because if you like them, you like to reread them, rewatch them, replay this or that part. Don't cut the tongues out of hundreds of citizens of the Blade and Soul realm. They had much to tell us about why and how things happened that the main story line never discloses. What har
  5. I challenge them to stop copying their own designs -dungeons, outfits, combat animations, effects, you name it-, to paste them into yet another dungeon, another outfit, another class, another monster. I challenge them to stop stealing from here to add there, to make original things from TIME to TIME. In a nutshell, I challenge them to DEVELOP.
  6. I'd say the point is to have a game which most can enjoy. You can't force people to do what they don't like or don't have the means (for whatever reason) to do. This patch seems to have a bit of good for everyone, so it works for me.
  7. I do admire your patience, your optimism and your "esprit de corps". And I agree with you. Also, I dont think anyone could have understood beforehand that 109%, and not 100%, would be the final goal for the unlucky ones. Hence the disaster (among other reasons many times stated before, so I wont go into them). I also have stopped feeding the monster for the time being, and I add again my little voice to yours and others' in this petition.
  8. This is truly horrible. I am very sorry for everyone affected. I don't even know what else to say.
  9. @Pesyc Maybe you should rename the thread to something like "Bug in Today's Specials". Might call their attention faster.
  10. I completely agree with you. I am one of those that failed all their attempts in their 4 chars so far, and I frankly dont expect a success. I also do only dc and NS, because of the ap issue. I wish I had never bit the carrot, but one learns from mistakes. It wont happen again. In any case, after the gold nerf and this event, my enthusiasm for this game (that otherwise I love) is at its lowest.
  11. Oh yes, what a great patch this was. Players with baleful/seraph stuck with it forever for lack of gold to upgrade and kicked off NS parties cause of it (I wont even mention IF or EL). An event that requires them to do exactly those very same dungeons, just to give them a very very very low chance at reaching the event goal. Nothing to do in game unless you are a high geared player. My server becoming a ghostown. Oh what a great great patch.
  12. Only three: Wilting Flower, Spirit Master and Spring Breeze.
  13. So players with Raven 6- Aransu that duo Hollow's Heart come here to argue about how fresh players HM 7 Baleful 3, square and triangular gems, have a hard time after the last patch, with gold nerfed in lower level dungeons and their stats pretty weak for what would be, accordind to the elite posters, required of them. Just lol.
  14. Plus they reduced the already miserly gold earned from Asura, Lair, Yeti, Gloomdrost, etc, which was necessary for low level players. So yes, these changes do affect negatively the growth and longevity of this game.
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