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  1. I also asked that in a different post but it seems there's no official answer or any solution for the time being. I think, the only legit way to get NCoins with paysafe is through a 3rd party site, like G2A. At least it is very well known and established i guess.
  2. The weird thing is i couldn't find NCoin on Amazon UK either.
  3. Not for me, no. I think it's because of the geographical position i am atm, meaning Greece and the various Banking restrictions etc. Man, Cuba had it easy. #not Even with Capital Controls ended we still have issues with PaySafe Cards for reasons i can't understand since we can now buy them and i know PaySafe is working 100% in Greece. Oh well.
  4. For some reason i get a "This item is currently unavailable." notification. Very unfortunate to be Greek at 21sst century it seems to me. Dead end. Well, someone tried at least. Thanks m8 thought, appriciate itm cheers! :)
  5. I actually tried Amazon and couldn't find Ncoin there. All i see is game time for Aion. Is it possible to send me a link via PM? I would appriciate it, thanks.
  6. I have to assume since there are no replies that there isn't any way to go around this, no solution or workaround, or perhaps everyone is busy playing? I was hoping to find a way for something that looks simple but alas. Cheers.
  7. Hello to everyone. I was hoping for any info regarding Payment oprion about Paysafe Card. I thought Blade & Soul had a deal with Paysafe, yet i don't see any option available. I have encountered this issue with other games too, so i can guess, propably, that it is not available for country, perhaps. I live in Greece and we had an issue with the Banking system, Capital controls. But as far as i know this has been revoked, we can now use/buy Paysafe Cards again. In any case, i am hoping for any info. Redirect me if you know anything. The thing is, to close this up, i
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