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  1. People acting superior

    Honestly I've come to expect this in any game that has both ftp/prem status. About 20% of BOTH crowds are either way up on their high horse, or down low in the mud lol
  2. cannot enter game???

    There adding some more servers, should be back up in another 1-2 hours
  3. cannot enter game???

    maintenance time, all is well
  4. The daily marketplace sales limit

    premium isn't even all that better in that regard, I mean as you go up in rank you get more a day, but what you can have up at once is kinda pitiful. I didn't even look but do they sell anything in the Hongmoon Market to boost the amount of items you can sell?
  5. Make Wardrobe a one-time-buy for non premium?

    Thats a descent idea. I know its easy to unlock the wardrobe with a small purchase but still, would be nice to know my outfits are safe no matter what. Like what happens if you put a year into the game with premium status, by then your wardrobe is full, your vault and inventory is full of mats and pots, then you go away for a while and ur prem status wears off. Do you lose everything in your wardrobe? If you dont have the vault or inventory space do all those cash-bought outfits go poof? I like the idea of a permanent wardrobe, would make me feel better about buying stuff in the cash shop .
  6. Mouse Fix

    A bunch of ppl were saying to just Alt-Tab to fix the mouse leaving the screen issue, but that didn't work for me. The way I fix it is after the game loads, there's still a small client window left open. Once I close that window my mouse stays ingame. I do use duel-monitors and a Razer mouse, but I don't use Synapse.
  7. how you know your addicted: The game goes into a maintenance period and you run straight to the forums. yup..deff addicted lol
  8. Multiple language chat channels seems like a no-brainer these days. Any non-english speaking players are automatically viewed the same as gold-spam, which is kind of unfair to them when it could so easily be fixed.