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  1. Request: In addition to the dungeon loot system, When creating LFG Dungeon request, you should have the options to pre-set the dungeon conditions. Such as the loot system being used (either traditional need/greed or bidding system) and the loot options that can currently be changed inside the dungeon should also be set before entering and not changeable once inside. Benefits: Happier playerbase, more players satisfied with dungeons and loot drops. Stops high level players that run dungeons with lowbees solely to change the loot system last minute, take everything and quit the dungeon. Issue: Assassin Class Camera Bug? Whenever Skill 3 (Swiftstep I believe is the name) is used during stealth, or when using a complete stealth to aerial combo ending with the Piledriver-like move (dont know the actual name of the final skill) the camera is always reset back to close up behind the character. Have tweeked and changed and tested all camera distance settings and camera options to no avail. Found one thread with this issue from back during beta, Benefits: Better gameplay, more satisfied assassins. Players less likely to quit the class from constant frustration of having to reset the camera distance every mob or so. Request: Stronger servers in general. Maybe upgrade server Tech, software , maintenance protocals. Something to strengthen the overall systems themselves. Benefits: Less lag spikes across the board, less potential server failures, players able to pvp with any class they desire(not having to drop KFM because they can't keep a solid ping long enough to be competative), players capable of logging in whenever their time allows it and able to have a good solid foundation to build their skills making the community grow and giving the west a chance at making Blade & Soul an active game in the NA, EU E-Sports scene (talked to many people that don't think the current state of NA/EU B&S can handle being an E-sport due to technical/bug issues) Issue: Gliding Damage. While gliding if I run into a tree branch and change direction and keep gliding, or try to land on said tree branch, I will sometimes take heavy damage. Anywhere from 1/3 to 2/3 of my life will just disappear instantly. I assume the game thinks because I am high up and touched solid ground it somehow thinks I fell that far down, but have not fallen at all. Benefits: Must be a bug, and bugs need fixin.
  2. I think people in general just get heated when they think other people are getting treated better than they are, which I guess would be human nature. I also think when looking at this kind of stuff in game you have to take a big step back and realize how it really is; If you want to play for free (which is fine mind you) your gunna have a little bit of a struggle and grind getting things. If you want to pay a sub and support the devs, obviously your gunna get things a little easier, maybe even a lot easier. But overall I think we all need to realize that the ftp model was taken over by old people in suits who prolly don't even know what an mmo is, and the devs to most major titles nowadays no longer hold the ability to make changes to their own games without running it by the suits. And we all know what the suits do to things that were fun...
  3. Gems

    I believe when they say its green or Blue their talking about the color of the text not the gem itself. I too am trying to find the diff and I believe I just found it. Crafting a "Square Gem Chest" (Green text) and a "Brilliant Triangular Gem Chest" (Blue Text) uses the same amount and type of resources. So the option is, do I go for a basic Square which overall is better, or do I roll the dice and hope the Brilliant Triangle gem is better? Hmmm, dam RNG strikes again lol
  4. Banned for no reason.

    I've seen some Twitch streamers that are given an account by subscribers just to play pvp arenas in a very popular mmo get the account banned. Another instance a streamer tried to get another streamer to play arenas with them on EU servers with a sub's account, and they refused simply because they were afraid that their own account would get banned. Apparently account-sharing is a big no-no in many mmo's. Also Mysuke that's a good idea about them posting a list of related program issues because there seems to be quite a few lol
  5. Server List

    If they go to their character select screen, to the right of there characters name will be the server's name that their playing on. Hope that helps, if that's what you meant. Oh and heres a link to the server names and where they are..
  6. It seems to me that these days the devs dont even have any say in what goes into their games anymore. Before they can release anything they have to submit the content to a room full of suits who completely strip it down to see what they can hide behind a paywall. Imo they need to stop trying to suck the life out of players with micro-transactions and find a new way to fund the game. An example would be to sell add space in pvp arenas, like billboards along the walls like how sporting arenas have. Just something to take the strain of trying to sell every little thing in the game.. idk but I do miss paying a monthly sub and having access to everything the game had to offer.
  7. Make the Daily Dash Costume accountbound

    It's not?! Lame! It's gunna take me forever to get there too! I've been rolling all 1's and 2's since launch lol Ya know I'm all for a Ncoin item that you buy to make whatever costume you put into your wardrobe become available Account-wide. How cool would that be!
  8. No dodge?

    Each class has there own skill set for dodging, that unlocks as you level. By lvl 20 you should have just about all your dodges unlocked. A backstep, Sidesteps, reversals. Depends on the class but most get the "double tap S Backstep" and "Q, E sidesteps"
  9. Question for the Premium Users

    lol there's actually a timer that you can watch in ur profile window under the Premium tab
  10. Wow, wasn't aware of that.. This games economy seems to mimic the real world. Small few have everything while the rest of the population deals with poverty lol
  11. Join the NEW servers. . .

    It's so sad to even think about, but the gold spammer/bots to player ratio right now is prolly something like 5+ to 1. There filling up quick, but with the wrong accounts! I've also noticed that the player base on the new servers seem to be pretty chill for the most. I think it's cause everyone on them is just happy to be in the game and not stuck in a queue lol
  12. Poor Hajoon

    I wonder if anyone has their text message alert set to Hajoon's "Read The Letter!" may he rest in peace..
  13. Things I Wish I Knew Before

    Beware of the treasure chests in the solo dungeon areas! 1. When your new you'll no doubt come across treasure chests at the end of solo dungeons that seem like you should be able to open. You will eventually be able to open them every time you come back through..but, think long and hard on if you really want to because they generally don't contain anything valuable and they DO cost a very valuable key to open! Many ppl open them simply because who can resist a treasure chest, and then later on left wondering where did all their keys go.. 2. Mailing to your Alt. Can be very beneficial once your mail system is unlocked, (especially now with players bouncing around trying to find a queue-free server) Before you make that Ncoin purchase just for that reason though, keep in mind the ONLY items you can mail to "Alts on different servers" are Account Bound Items! 3. Fewer Loading Screens! This one may or may not be linked to the recent server instability so please use at your own risk. When reaching a portal to another zone, or dungeon entrance, get as close to the entrance as you can and wait 7-10 seconds. Then when you walk through you should not experience any loading screen. (Been reported to help with huge lag spikes as well)
  14. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    Jadestone Guard even knows whats up! Had to turn off Region last night, looks like Faction and LFG/Party Finder gotta go too.. Right now there really isn't even any point to having the chat window open, so sad :.(
  15. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    They have seriously got to at least up the block cap! 50 is just ridiculous, I maxed my cap by level 9 lol.. actually no lolz thats not funny. I\ve pondered my 5 brain cells for many moons on how to bring the punishment to gold hackers, and the only thing I can come up with is either game companies need to some how hire OP hackers to fight back, or include some kind of simple captcha every so many minutes or every time u hit a loading screen. Maybe give pots for successful enters idk, it would be annoying but really guys whats more annoying? And if you say u want gold spam over simple captcha you prolly buy gold lol
  16. Customized UI

    How I have things at the moment on muh sin, BM UI is a little bit diff. Things you cant see; RMB right of LMB (obviously), F is to the left of my toons head, TAB to the right of his head, Space is above toon, Buffs/Debuffs bottom to the right of abilities, Cooldowns are above health bar. Also if anyone hasn't noticed yet but you can actually move the chats Text Enter Bar anywhere you want lol, put mine right above the health bar.
  17. Things I Wish I Knew Before

    1. Enhance your Soul Shields too! After reaching the first wheel in the Foshi Pyres most players end up with tons of useless soul shield packs and weapons they can't use or trade. I've seen that after maxing out their weapon, a lot of players are just selling everything left to the vendor. DON'T! Salvage the weapons and soul shields for the rare Fusion Powder drop. You can then use the Fusion Powder to enhance all 8 pieces of your soul shield for some extra stats. Best to save the Fusion Powder for the level 20 Viridian Soul Shield, since you shouldn't be having to difficult a time with the mobs in the area, but the option is yours. Note: Unfortunately you can't use the same type of shield for enhancement, for instance stalker shields can NOT be used to enhance stalker shields. But random pieces are easy enough to come by while questing, and if your really desperate low level pieces are generally selling for 10 copper or less right now on most NA servers. 2. Viridian Valor Stones Those green Viridian Stones you keep acquiring can be used at the vendor in Jadestone Village, He's standing directly to the left of the bulletin boards. He sells some outfits for other currency, but his best items are the Viridian Soul Shield that you can equip at level 20. (buy it earlier than lvl 20 to avoid going back on urself) 3. Do NOT buy the Hongmoon accessories from the Viridian Vendor! I added this in because I've seen quite a few players buy one of the Hongmoon accessories from him. You meet him right before you get the final piece of Hongmoon accessories, so just hold off you'll get the item as a reward in a few quests time.
  18. Cant block more than 50 players..

    Ever since the NA servers came back up yesterday it's like the gold spam is on overdrive! I capped the 50 blocks by level 9...
  19. Extremely offensive chat.

    It's extremely unfortunate but games with a ftp option tend to bring in the most crude ppl. Nothing against ftp players in general, in fact I happen to be ftp right now as I usually wait a few weeks after a game launches b4 I sub. After countless mmorpg's the only thing Ive seen that tends to weed out "most" of the ppl that like to be offensive just to be offensive, is a buy to play or full on sub-only game. Also the other night on Hajoon there were two players in particular telling random ppl in chat they were gunna do horrific, violent extremely offensive things to their mothers.. Was the first time chat actually got to me and made me shut the game off since I had just gotten home a few hours b4 from taking my own mother to the E.R. for having a stroke. Since then I switched servers to one of the new servers Junghado, everyone there seems extremely nice since I think most of them are just happy to be in the game and not stuck in a queue anymore lol
  20. My char lvl roll back!

    As soon as I logged in it it boosted me back up, although only to level 7. It even gave me back the keys I spent on stalker weapon boxes that i tried opening but got nothing out of lol I'm just gunna assume everything I did once servers started going down didnt count, I did gain a whole level last night by just killing mobs since thats all i was able to do. I'm sure others feel differently but I think they handled things pretty well, glad to be back in the game :)
  21. My char lvl roll back!

    havnt tried logging in just yet, wanted to see if the game would connect then I seen the lvl 1 and came straight here to confirm what actually did happen last night. I'll try now and post back
  22. My char lvl roll back!

    I was just looking to see if they did any rollbacks as well because of last nights "fun", when i logged off last night I was a level 9 Assassin on Junghado (if thats how u spell one of the new NA servers) and I was wearing that stalker outfit. Now I'm a naked level 1 Assassin :(
  23. Ya know I read a post about this 7-day deletion during beta asking if it was a bug or something. Luckily I was playing around with classes last night on my alt slot and the highest I got to was lvl 14 but that was only a 5-6 min wait.. How did they do that server transfer where they stated you could transfer if you didnt mind starting from scratch?? They obviously didnt make them wait 7-days!?
  24. Whats up with the P2W?

    I havn't run a dungeon since beta cuz i'm taking my sweet time now but I thought when those people outbid you, their money gets given to the party. So basically all their doing is spending their real money to give you ingame money to get the item b4 you. And I don't think those items really give them any clear advantage over you, don't those items only really affect PvE?
  25. People acting superior

    I did say about 20%, and you can choose whose in a guild. Also not sure if you can use Tera since it had no ftp option when it released, nowadays theres no real benefit to be patron in that game anyways, not like games that launch with ftp/prem options.