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  1. When are the massive KFM buffs coming?

    Imo KFM class is a total badass in every aspect! I was extremely excited to play the class, but it turned out I couldn't keep a steady ping good enough to be competitive with the class. I am still keeping an open character slot to try again down the road some once they've done a bit of updates or the launch hype fades. Also I feel I need to add this, I'm really, really not trying to be rude and everyone is entitled to their own opinions without the judgement of others. But it's posts like this that get classes unnecessary buffs/nerfs that cause extreme unbalancing! If this is how you feel about a class then fine, but please be very sure about what your posting because it could have a lasting affect on the game. Though it does seem that the new wave of mmo players just want a class with OP skills to spam to take out all rivals with little to no thought involved... God I hope NCsoft doesn't comply to this demand!
  2. Small annoyance..

    While dashing it seems the character collision box encumbers the entire animation. Now I wonder if the flashy premium only animation makes that collision box larger? Prolly the same size though. But yeah, super annoying..
  3. More Character Slots?

    If they lowered the character slots because of bots, by the way the bots are overpopulating all the servers I doubt they'll raise the slot amount anytime soon.
  4. Oh well that sucks. I thought they would be since I purchased the Deva Ring(or earing I can't remember which) off the AH for Breakthrough so I figured the wep would be the same, guess not lol. It may just be one of the times your forced to deal with the RNG, or the easier way just hasn't been discovered yet :) Hmm, I thought I was able to buy stuff before level 15. I must be losin it lol oh well.
  5. I believe the Deva weapons can be traded like the stalker ones, so instead of wasting all your keys it's better to just sell 1-2 keys to get enough silver to buy the weapon off the Auction House. Lots of people are losing their minds over having to endlessly grind to get something, but most situations the game gives you a much simpler way. For example the wheel weapons. Sell a key or charm and just buy them off the AH. The Blight weapon you need for Breakthrough, use a Viridian Key to guarantee your classes weapon! The Daily Dash gives you one of those items that transforms into Hongmoon coins, so use the Hongmoon Coins to buy the key! I'm not denying the frustration of this games RNG, because it is on a whole other level! All I'm saying is that if you really look, you can usually find an alternative, easier route then driving yourself mad by filling your inventory with Warlock weapons lol
  6. So i got a stupid question

    If you have the option, it's always better to game with a cable over wifi, as it gives you a more stable connection. But if you do buy one, keep the package and receipt just incase there's no noticable diff, your able to return it. There's been a lot of chatter about serious lag issues all over NA/EU, but I have heard the devs may be working on something to do with EU servers in particular. I believe it has to do with EU client having to check in through the NA servers or something. Either way go cable connected if you can lol
  7. 50% of characters I see on my server are Lyn

    I've watched a few youtube videos where they refer to the Lyn as "Easy-Mode", since all of their classes have the easiest mechanics according to the character select screen. But hey, who doesn't love mini cat people! lol I just wish the Lyn could be Assassins, would be a purrrfect fit! haha...
  8. Blight Soul Shield set not working

    It's because your not wearing an outfit. Outfits activate your soul shield. Put something on and watch ur stats rise.. Some consider being naked as ""Hard-Mode" lol
  9. This Game is NOT P2W

    This game is deff NOT P2W! I may be wrong, but as a lvl 30 sin, I didn't see anything in the cash shop that would give me an advantage over any other lvl 30 sin. And as far as people saying it's P2W because of Prem, I just went Prem the other day and I can't find any reason to keep it other than the wardrobe, and that's certainly not a p2w feature. They say Gold gets you better gear which gives you an advantage but as a Prem player, I still dont have any money! The people who have money are the ones who sell crafted items, or they do dailies and sell the keys /charms. That has nothing to do with Prem status or p2w! Yea Prem can sell 20 items a day instead of 10 but that's still not that big of a deal! Not enough to claim p2w or a significant advantage imo.
  10. We need a rubber block list....

    Having Banned or Deleted characters automatically removed from your block list has been a desire of mine for a very long time on every game I've played. It seems like it would be a no-brainer but for some reason it's never added. Must be difficult to do maybe? I know it's simple to remove blocks from the list yourself, and luckily spammers in B&S generally don't have a life span of more than a day or so. But I've been in games where I ran out of space so I removed old blocks, only to find their spam back in my chat window moments later. Another game I played was kind of annoying because they had a large block list, but when a character was banned, the list would just say "-Deleted-" instead of their name so you would have to manually go through removing them, after doing 100 or so at a time it got pretty frustrating lol.
  11. The fact that there were a ton of them and they were organized, doesn't mean they were bots.. Porting in all at the same time? again, not to concerning. No one taking damage?! That was what got me! I have yet to make it to that area so I can't say for sure what that bosses attacks should be doing, but you were all clearly getting hit by his shockwaves and not taking any damage! Kind of worrying that that type of "godmode" will make its way to faction battles or the Arena..
  12. I personally live on the East Coast of the U.S. so it doesn't really affect me, but I have played many mmo's. And throughout the years I have noticed that most of the players that I've met were either from the Washington state area, or Australia. Australian players have a huge playerbase when it comes to mmo's, so imo all NA/EU released titles should dedicate 1 server at launch to the Oceanic region. If not then maybe make at least 1 server Oceanic friendly. +1 Signature.
  13. Camera = Garbage

    There are a lot of things imo that we westerners take for granted in games, but they are just that, games. And we don't have to play them. There are so many things that annoy me about B&S and I've talked about some of them on the forums. But the more I sit here thinking about them, the more I feel like I'm just being a spoiled whiner lol ! This game has been out in the East for years, and has become a major E-Sport over there! It has to be doing things right to become that big! Unless these issues are unique to our release alone, I think we all just need to learn to strategize around them, or play a diff title. (not calling anyone other than myself a spoiled whiner, so no offense was meant toward anyone who posts their thoughts or issues)
  14. Why is none answering in "SAY"?

    Honestly I've responded to a say before and got chewed out because they wern't talking to me and I thought they were, I'm sure I'm not alone on that so a lot of people just walk away when there's a chance they'll look stupid lol. Also keep in mind mmo's in general are becoming more mainstream and grabbing up a lot of console gamers who are just looking for that single player experience in a game that gets regular content updates. Also I had to jump around a few servers before I found a community I really liked. Yea it was a drag but in the end I think well worth it! First few servers I tried faction chat was just a place to get ripped on and should of been called Troll-Chat. But don't give up because there are a lot of really great people playing this game! Imo the newer servers have some of the nicest people on them, mostly because the majority of them are just glad to be logged in and not stuck in queue, but that's just my experience.
  15. Good and bad.

    I gotta say that I am enjoying B&S very much, and it's been my main game since it launched, and I'll continue playing it. So there is a lot of good, but some of the things that bother me; Assassin camera zoom. Every time you use Stealth 3 among other skills, the camera zoom resets itself back right up close behind the player, so you have to scroll back out every single time! Very annoying! Lag.. I've seen tons of posts all ready about people with top-end equipment dealing with unbearable lag, so I know I'm not alone on this. It's at the point where I've had to work health potions into my rotations, saving them to only take after lag spikes lol. When I go back around the Viridian Coast for dailies, the only time I'll take damage is during lag spikes. Premium, do I really even need it? Played for a few days as ftp, then opted for Premium. Now that I have it, the only thing I seem to be benefiting from is the wardrobe. I know alot of forum posts are saying that only Prem have all the gold, but really I could make more silver by doing one daily and selling the keys or charms, then by grinding mobs for hours with the "enhanced" money drops lol. I havn't needed to sell more than 10 items in one day yet so that's not helping.. Idk maybe I will benefit from it later, and I'm happy to be helping out the devs by supporting the game, but maybe Premium's just not for me. Bots. I know they did a huge thing by stopping a good amount of spammers "for now", but they still have done nothing to stop botting. It makes me sad to see so many people stuck in queues when everywhere I go there are trains of jumbled names killing all the mobs, coming in and out of dungeons or stuck running into walls.. And this goes to all developers not just NCsoft, come on guys, I know they buy a lot of accounts but they are ruining your games! Put in a dam captcha that rewards a special cosmetic only currency every time a player hits a loading screen, or every so many minutes or something! That is all for now. There really is much more but I don't want to sound too much like a hater because I really do love the game! The combat, the visuals, the story (very first mmo that has gotten me invested in the story), and the community have all been amazing in my opinion. Just one more thing though, what the heck is up with those cutscene hands?! I mean come on guys it's 2016 now lol, is there going to be some plot twist at the end where we find out everyone is carved out of wood or something?
  16. Sword skin advice please

    Here's a link from another similar post. Stuff is in Korean so you'll have to use Google Translate or copy/paste into translator but it's a pretty nice collection. props to Ren36 for the link.
  17. The Korean version has somewhat of a Dye System. We'll maybe get that soon if the game does well. Here's an article I found through google from a while back..
  18. I think you can hear it too, makes that coin jingle sound.. unless I'm jus losin it lol
  19. Assassin Camera Zoom Bug?

    Hey everyone, like the title says I'm trying to find out if the issue I keep experiencing as an Assassin is a bug or actually how the camera is supposed to be. Now before you stop reading and post a quick response, no I'm not talking about the 1 second delay after using Decoy. Also I was going to put this in General Discussion as I'm not sure if this is a Bug or not, but due to the alarmingly fast rate at which posts are being created over there, I thought it better to make the post here in the Bug Report section. What's happening is: I keep my camera zoomed all the way out to get a good view of everything, and when I go into Stealth and use the number 3 skill (I believe it's called Swiftstep), when the skill is over my camera is zoomed all the way back up to my characters back. It also seems to happen if I do a full air combo (please excuse me as I don't know all the names of the skills yet) But it's when you go in stealth or not, kick them up into the air, attack while their in the air. then end the combo with the Piledriver-like skill. I've tried to adjust all the camera settings in the options (one setting in particular seemed promising as it said something like "keep camera zoomed on character during animations" or something similar) but nothing seemed to help. I even tried re-logging after changing each setting just to be sure. While this issue is not completely game-breaking for me, it is however extremely annoying to have to readjust the camera after every mob or so! So annoying in fact that I've actually stopped playing my Assassin and have been working on my BladeMaster. After searching the Forums for answers I did find one post during CBT1 where the player had the same problem it seems, but he/she got no response to the issue. Please if you've experienced the same problem, please comment. I would really like to know if I'm the only one in the live release still dealing with this annoyance. And maybe possibly get the devs to shine some light on the issue, if it is in fact a real issue at all. Here's the link to the CBT1 post I mentioned. And thank you all for taking the time to read my post!
  20. Assassin Camera Zoom Bug?

    Another example of when it's extremely frustrating is during the final boss of Blackram Narrows. The Devourer is so large, I kind of need that far away camera zoom just to get a good idea of what's going on. Every time the camera resets itself it's so close up that I can't even see the attack area floor patterns, I have to take 1-2 seconds every time to scroll my zoom back out just to see what's going on and by then if your not extremely quick, it could very well be too late. All I'm really looking for is a confirmation on whether this is intended, or just an unexpected bug as it will deff determine if I continue to main Assassin or not, and I do believe I'm not alone on that. I've played a fair amount of mmo's in my day and I can't really think of any game with a class that had a skill that reset the camera distance after using it. Maybe someone else can think of one? Maybe if there were others I would not feel so frustrated by it? lol idk..
  21. OMG that Escrow system junk drives me bonkers! lol I can only think of 2 games off the top of my head that used it (SWToR & DCUO) but man I would take the way B&S does it over the Escrow system any day of the week!!
  22. yea thats prolly the hardest thing when being ftp with game like it is, it's always going to be harder, at times a lot harder when your first starting out. To the point where it may feel unfair at times. But it can also be hard for people who pay a sub as well. I hope that things work out and once the game has been out for a while things start to even out between ftp and prem as far as gold goes. Now I can only speak for myself, but I started ftp and only just the other day paid for a sub. When I did I rerolled a new toon and by the time I got to the first wheel I had almost 5 silver compared to the 2-3 I had by then as a ftp player. By the time I reached Blackram Narrows I had accrued roughly 10-11 silver from only quests and mobs. So I don't know about anyone else but to me that doesn't seem like a huge difference from ftp. The main thing I'm trying to get at is those players that are bidding upward of 1+ Gold, are either serious crafters, much higher level, or simply sold all the items (keys/charms and other stuff) that they found, on the Auction House. Maybe they did lots of dailies and sold the items. Being prem only gives you a slight advantage, its small but it is there. Those other people who had lots of gold quick, their ftp/prem status most likely had nothing to do with it.
  23. I'm one of the unluckies who will just be glad if I actually complete it in time lol. I think it would be really cool if they gave an exclusive item to the very first person to complete the board each month server-wide. I also think there should be 2 boards that you can choose to spin on every time. One board being the original monthly one, and the other a cheaper imitation with less valuable prizes that you can go around as many times as you can.
  24. Yea I'm still trying to grasp the idea of why the Warlock weapons were not cut from the game for the time being. Like if you could use them on another class I'ld understand (I briefly remember maybe seeing some swords that could be used with both BM and BD?) but as it is right now, that's just another chance nobody is getting what they want lol Especially since those weapons from the dingeon are not tradable either, right? So it's not like you could even save it for when the warlock is released lmao. Now I'm going to have to go scour the forums for the devs official response to why the warlock gear is still in the game! man I'm never gunna get any sleep reading these forum posts.. lol
  25. The RNG kills me, same for server lag.

    yea I play on NA servers and have tried a few since launch, they all have been like that for me with the lag spikes. Kinda sad I guess that Ive worked them into my rotations lol Like I wont pop a potion untill it happens cause I know it's gunna, and I know that's when I'm gunna need it lol. I don't know about using VPN's, dont good ones cost money? I know there are some free ones out there, I used one to play the JP version of Phantasy Star Online 2 but the connection was shit. So to pay for a vpn and a prem sub is kind of a bit much for me for just one game, when it should have a stable connection anyway for having so many years in the East under its belt lol Don't get me wrong I love the game, thats why I continue to play and pay even with all the issues bet ehh idk..