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  1. I think Crafting in this game is an Oxymoron.
  2. NCSoft doesn't care. Bots are so blatantly obvious that blind man in a pitch dark work hole could see them. Yet, when you send a report in on them, describing their actions, etc... they want you to send a video. WTF??? You want me to install a 3rd party software so I can do YOUR job?? Pay me!!!
  3. I have 10 days left on my Premium. I don't know if I will last that long. Bots are a cancer. Uniform prices in the store are stupidly expensive especially for only 1 character. The tradeskills are among the worse that I have ever seen. Really repetitive. Too many locked class/race. Same zones over and over with any character you make. Replay value sucks. Nice bouncy boobs though.
  4. I agree that they need an online babysitter. The BOTS are so blatantly obvious. Reminds me of AION. Blatantly obvious, yet does nothing.
  5. Sure.... ASUS M5A97 R2.0 AMD FX8350 NVidia GT650Ti 16GB RAM Windows 10 Pro 64bit 4 drives (C: 250GB SSD, D: 1TB SATA, E: 1.5TB SATA, F: 3TB SATA). BnS is installed on my E drive (it would run even better on the C: drive). I would like to point out that I do not run any AV programs, that could be interfering with their GameGuard thingy. I don't run any video capturing software either. I think the only thing that runs in the background beside system processes is my Torrent client, and Carbonite.
  6. To be honest... I think they will only take action when the player base starts dwindling. I know I won't be renewing mine nor my wife's Premium until they start taking it seriously. Bot's don't impact me directly. However, they impact other players that make up the playing community, which in turn affects me.
  7. I don't get it. I don't have problems that I keep seeing a lot of other people have. I do not have a super rig either.
  8. I am all for supporting game companies. However, one thing that I hate most in any MMORPG is bots/spammers. Do they impact me personally? Some... just them filling up my screen (I end up turning off all chat). However, the bots DO impact other players, which impacts the entire game community. Plus all the Dungeon Finder spam as well. So, no, I will not be renewing or spending any more $ on NCoin. This also goes for my wife's account.
  9. Reminds me of the BlackBurrow trains in Everquest!!!
  10. I was wondering why I have been seeing so many Bots running in and out of that dungeon. I mean seriously... I thought all the bots in the World were in that dungeon, that's how it was.... imagine LA at rush hour!!
  11. I know there are a lot of people out there old enough, but sure the hell aren't Mature enough. The people coming over to mess with them sure didn't seem Mature enough. I would like to point something out, and I doubt this pertains to the group that came over to mess with you... but some people have their chat turned completely off. I know I do. Why? Gold Spammers, the BR people, and the WoW kids who think it's funny to say "*cricket* chips" "*cricket* dirt", or stupid shit like that.
  12. Iso u have 170+ runs, made some srs gold from other dropped stuff and still need to cry about some cosmetic shlt? Why do you even bother yourself to play MMO? Get some single game, cheat in stuff you want right after start and voila, satisfaction! Right? If that's why he plays the game, then so be it. Why do you play the game? PvP, PvE, to do all of the quests, etc?? People play these for different reasons.
  13. No... my computer is just fine. I sat there for 15 minutes watching people duel each other, people running all over the place, with absolutely no issues at all. But when one of those bots started running, it happened every time. Not just one bot, but all of them. You know... those Gon Destroyers with the "eruhnksyht" names. I even switched channels and watched it happen on another channel. But you're right... they are hurting legit players more than they are bots.
  14. Maybe I've been blind or just haven't been high enough or PvP to see this before, but I am sitting here in Foshi Pyres, watching Bots "phasing" as they run. They start at the Spinning Wheel, and when they start to run, they phase out and show up ways away, just to phase out again. It's getting pretty old that these Bots are so obvious and nothing happens to them, but I read day in and day out about actual players getting banned for something they may have done or not done. .
  15. To those saying that if you got banned, it was for a reason, or that you don't get banned on accident. Ok Fanboys. I guess there are no mistakes ever. Kind of like when I get overdraft notices from my bank when there is a lot of money in my account.
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