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  1. Story Timeline

    I was surprised about that too but I guess it does make sense in away somehow since we are lucky to get the update faster compared to the Korea.
  2. THANK YOU!!!

    I <3 the Ending, even thou the Act 4 kinda short but I rather to have that. Good Job BnS!! Can't wait for the next storyline update in future!
  3. [Off Topic] VR MMO

    I heard the rumors about that but don't think we have the technology for it yet. However I wouldn't be surprised if we can get it in next 5-10 years since VR already around. It' s the beginning of new era of gaming.
  4. [Off Topic] VR MMO

    Oh crap can we remove the toxic commu part lmao! But imagine how wonderful it would be e.g using a KFM vs monster or another players xD
  5. [Off Topic] VR MMO

    Hello guys, I know the VR is just started and still new + not many games available but have you ever thought there will be VR MMO in next 5 or 10 years or something similar to the Sword Art Online anime :D. I would love to see that for BnS version!! Share your thoughts and opinions about this at here.
  6. Preset Service

    Hi, Could you do the Avril Lavigne? Will give you a thousand bear hugs if u can do it :3 Regards, Cat meow~
  7. Bots Taking Over CSD?

    Hello folks, Well..maybe its old news however it's getting frustrated when the Bots start taking lead the CSD and even recruit their fellow bots into Cross-server dungeon party. Imagined at least 2-3 bots in your big 4 dungeons party.. I know we should go with the pre-made party with clan mate or friends but what is the point having the nice feature such as CSD? They should introduce the kick option (available after 2-3 minutes entered the dungeon) via vote not just by kicking Offline (DC)...
  8. Why so much hate for bots I dont get it?

    Whoa the question, i bet you're one of the player who keep followed those bot farming the terror / bw ?
  9. Well that could be because of manpower.. seriously rarely I see any admin or moderator reply back to player's issue / feedback aside from notice and announcement and major issue only. There is no engagement between them with us and that's just sad.
  10. From 4 hours to 30?

    Omgee 30 hours.. well time to head south and have some fun D:
  11. Master loot is an issue

    The solution is easy, join them since is allowed and not even breaking the rules while we the victims are breaking the rules by posting about them at here nor our reports will bring the justice since the publisher keep waiting answer for K-Devs or whatever. So welcome and happy making a toxic community where no action will be taken against you since it's part of game or just bad day for ya.
  12. Master loot is an issue

    Don't bother guys.. after back and forth with NCSoft Support, I can tell they 100% don't care about this kind of thing. 1. First they asked me to provide the evidence and such to take action, after I did provided all needed.. here is the reply.. While this behavior may be considered rude, it is not considered a violation of the rules. All members in a party have equal rights to any loot that drops. If a group of players has created their own rules for how loot will be distributed, we are not able to intervene. To prevent this from happening again, I suggest not grouping with these players in the future. You can also make sure that your character is the Leader of the group so you can control how the loot will be distributed in your party. If you have any other questions, please let me know. Either the CS support don't know the game mechanism (cross-server dungeon) or.. they just lazy to take care this issue. So.. Ninja looter 1, me 0 Blehh what a great support ever and until today i can't using my mail system even I am a premium account.
  13. Master loot is an issue

    Since there is no actual fix for this yet, more and more greedy players starting dare to master/leader looted everything at the end of the bosses. So farming a moonwater tear is not an option at cross server dungeon because this type of people run wild, unchecked and nothing can be done against them? Kudos NCsoft, you just let this kind people ruined your game and community. Screenshot below is another greedy player ninja looted everything right before the boss died and I managed to screenshot it. I hope there will be an official reply from Moderator or Admin regarding this as this is getting way too much and not fun at all.
  14. Master loot is an issue

    That's bad response from Devs.. that's mean the developer care more about costume and glamour rather than improving the game content beside the CS (Support) reply was really surprised me. Is not a big deal really but after 3-4 same thing happened to you at same night where leader changed the loot at last minute.. it's kinda kill the fun for cross-server dungeon. p/s: plot twist = greedy players is actually a gold seller lmao D:
  15. Master loot is an issue

    So.. this happened to me quite a lot time and getting frustrated whenever the greedy players is the leader and ninja loot everything at the last boss. Will NCsoft take this problem seriously as it's affecting other player's game experiences at the same time. If they can make vote system for the kick, they should make one for changing the loot as well. Regards, Cat on Fire!