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  1. I have you tried to join Right when shackles isles open?
  2. I think you need to finish the story first, then do all of the orange, blue quests. Then start with dailies and weeklies. It's recommended to join a guild to help you with some runs and raids. Max gear, well,...
  3. Yes there will be for 0 ncoin, it was announced during twitch stream.
  4. check you quest list, If i am not mistaken, you may have another master hong quest active.
  5. I've been on an off the game since the beta, and I will not deny that some players can be a little rude at times, however there are ways to go around it. If player is rude, I generally ignore them, there is no need to feed the flame. I try to join a guild, that way the guild would help me what ever questions I have. I lets say I am under-geared, for a daily, I will try to create the run and ask for people to help out. Your right everyone want to rush though, which is why its better to do it with your guildies :)
  6. You may need to make more inventory space first, then right click on the scroll.
  7. From what I have seen in other games, activity on the forum's heavily correlated with population in game. I personally think the game is far away from over, however if this trend continues, soon there wont be even a cricket here.
  8. Saw the shoes, not too crazy about it. However I wanted for the 3rd anniversary to be something different, something more unique. In a way the event it is, in another way is the same ol'dungeons. i
  9. Looking at the 3rd anniversary, and it feels like a repeat of any other events we had in the past with some differences. Anniversary event should be grand, somewhat unique. Something to appreciate 3 years of BnS in NA.
  10. Just got dc'd when I relogged I have noticed that my warden is back to lvl 1 and on start game "Server is currently undergoing maintenance. Please try again later"
  11. Just saw the article: http://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/bountiful-harvest-treasure-trove-available-september-12/ and a little shocked. New class, reduction, events and trove all at the same time.
  12. reboot your pc, disable antivirus, try again.
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