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  1. NCSoft's policy decisions are just inexplicably malevolent at times... I cannot defend or explain why neither compensating or restoring hacker stolen items is at all a viable policy decision. Not only did a person lose a week of playing time, but they lost all the items they have worked for after a month of playing? NCSoft's decisions are just undefendable at times.
  2. The most important thing these 400-420+ elitists should know is, I've seen full 420+ AP groups utterly fail at Naryu, and you know why? Cuz practically no one at 420+ are legit players. A True Pirate, 400+ AP running around with an incomplete BSH soulshield and a blue siren bracelet, thinking he can do Naryu? These gold buyers barely even know how to play their class yet. With friends, all of us legit whom range from 350-390 AP, are far more successful and efficient with Naryu than any cross-server group. So maybe if people stopped equating gold buying with competence, they'd find legit players who actually earned their place.
  3. Suggestions Against Bots

    NCSoft – World's Premier Publisher of MMO Games You are trying to make a push to expand the Korean MMO market to the West, and yet the only thing people are going to remember about "Korean MMOs" is bot takeover? Don't get me wrong. I'm not here because I want this game to fail. I love this game, which is why I don't understand why anyone would sour the entire "Korean MMO" name. As an exclusively MMO company, how can one be so unprepared for the damages of RMT and botting? Do you realize how many people have left because of the bots? You can't have fun in Arena. Various means to make money is no longer profitable (For players it feels like a hand picker competing in the same market as 800 ton yield combine harvesters). But important as well is the feeling of indifference and abandonment. Like a school where everybody around you is visibly cheating, how does the honest student feel? Yet everyone has the mindset "there's nothing they can do about it". Botters are humans who will take the path of least resistance and highest profit. By leaving BnS one of the most easily profitable and exploitable RMT games around, design and enforcement wise, you create your own locust swarm. A sheep farm in wolf country where the farmer doesn't have a gun. By not sending a tough enough message, you emboldened the wolves to the point where they laugh at you by spamming your forums. Design Solutions: Strict daily limits (Like FFXIV) that limit the daily return for automated farming. After 15 matches, the Zen Beans you get for winning or losing becomes 0. Have daily limits for everything, where World Bosses no longer drop loot after 10 kills, where dungeon runs no longer give the reward chests/boss drops after 10 runs (An entire market page of 100 stacks of Hogdonny rings for 1s each? That botter earned 200 tears for every stack on that page). These numbers for run limits are just examples, but reasonable daily limits should be built into anything that provides profit. This is standard now in MMO design. Human Enforcement Solutions: I get it, police are expensive. But without police everyone gets robbed.Which government makes more money per capita? A government with an active police force, or a government who decided to "save money" by not having law enforcement? Now that the players have left, how much did you save in the end? Tera, FFXIV, Guild Wars 2 (Games I've personally played), in none of those games was botting at this level. Botting especially shouldn't overrun critical gameplay aspects like Arena. GW2 is even from NCSoft, and that game had far stronger GM enforcement, so what is going on? For a "push to expand the Korean MMO market to the West", it doesn't help if you sour the name of "Korean MMO" with corporate indifference and lawlessness. You should be implementing both Design Solutions and Human Enforcement Solutions already. This is what people expected. Just as you could not have "automated police" in real life, how could you expect that to work against the tech savvy people doing RMT? Having no design solutions planned and no human enforcement solutions implemented, while telling people you're working on a magical robo-cop... Just as that wouldn't work in real life, it wouldn't work here. You're going to make people run away from the name "Korean MMO" as bot-infested and minimal-investment. Please think about implementing some Design and Human Enforcement Solutions besides just automation. This minimal investment solution does not do the "Korean MMO" name any good.