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  1. Class for 1v1

    Sry i mean BM not bd...its a while :) And what about this solo tower pve stuff its playable by all classes or melees have issues. I know its arena section bit ty anyway.
  2. Class for 1v1

    Hi im coming back to blade and soul after loong time and want to do mainly 1v1 since i have no time for group content. I have summomer but i dont like it (went gold on lvl 20) its like dhs in wow atm. Im not very used to anicancel stuff. Soul fighter , BD or warlock? I like having ranged abilities too but bd can block. My priority is fun gameplay not being useless class in 1v1 and less anicancel stuff. Also is this game dead or not? How about ques (probably silver- gold) Ty guys and happy holidays
  3. Green dungeons

    Omg ty...yesterday market was unavaible but today i will buy it. So the blue ones can be bought on market but epic ones(blacknarrow) cant?
  4. [OPINION] PvP etiquette

    1. Take of your clothes and you will be fine. Works IRL too.
  5. Green dungeons

    So every green dungeon is easy mod and boring as shiat? Doing this darkglimps like 10* times and i cant take it anymore. I would rather give all my gold for this corrupted staff rather then doing this again :/ ....they nerfed it for west?Because i cant believe that this is korean difficulty:) Also all green dungs dont drop gear but you get chest only after boss? Because its easily soloable so potential good way to farm weapons etc. For upgrades. Sry for bad english
  6. Summoner in depth guide
  7. Summoner in depth guide

    Hit blade and soul dojo if you want serious answers its 99 times better then cryfestival here.
  8. The real WHY summoner is OP

    For that guy who claim that bajheera is top player. ..I like baj but he is nowhere close to vanguards. He have nice vids and thats it. His best achievement is 2400 for weapon enchant and he was like kid on xmass when finally achieved it and probably carried a lot..But he is my favorite streamer......dont make bs forum crying festival like in wow pls. Ty
  9. The real WHY summoner is OP

    Imo summomers are 10* easier to play properly but that doesnt mean they are op. As a new player i checked forums etc before launch and people saying that as a beginner a have to choose summomer or bd. As i dont know this animation cancel shiat meta i Choose summoner and have bm and fm alts. I want to learn classes mechanics tactics first...then i switch to bd or fm. So my advice is if you cant play your class be patient or switch to easier one. Anyway cry my river :) lf 45 to eat your tears guys:p
  10. Summoner: The Truth

    Best moment is when new player picks kung fu master or assa which is considered as hard class and then cry on forum. Yes and dikheads choose it 99/100 of time because dikheads thinks that they are gods because of 2200 rating from lich king playing dk :D Summoner is hunter(wow) of blade and soul... easy to learn and annoying but when i watched videos from tournaments, world championship etc i havent seen single summoner EVER! Never see a single cat there...i bet that 90% of these complaining players are from world of warcraft ;-)
  11. PvP is boring in this game.

    Lol pvp in gw2 is grand....and wtf is dragon nest some child game? Worst feature of gw2 pvp is that stupid downed system. I have preordered gw2 thorns and didnt touch it yet.