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  1. Help: Story End & Mushin's Tower

    okay I did have a ques to go to the tower and I went there, I then had a quest to take a dragon pulse upstairs to kill a dummy which I did but that quest never ended I just kept killing the dummy and the quest giver would come back over and over. I googled it and I read that it wasn't supposed to actually do anything? So either that or the quest is bugged I'm not sure but I just left after killing the dummy like 6 times. Should I have done something different? Only other quests I see in there seem to be telling me to go inside Mushin's Tower and kill stuff on the floors, but I can't get in...
  2. Help: Story End & Mushin's Tower

    So just trying to confirm if I'm at the current end of the story right now? I have Chapter 1: The Road to Darkness with the objective to 'Read Yura's Letter' but when I do it doesn't advance. I assume that to mean that's the end of the story until they unlock more stuff? If that is true then I'm wondering how I go about accessing Mushin's Tower? Tried googling it most of the guides are from the foreign versions but I'm assuming it's still at least similar if not the same. Basically said you need to be done with the story, which I believe I am and that you're supposed to get a quest or something in Hogshead Hamlet. I'm there now but don't really see anything that seems to relate to Mushin's Tower. I've been to the physical tower but I can't get into the instance to ascend the floors and all says I don't meet the requirements so trying to get that done.
  3. There a limit to Dailies?

    Is there some type of limit on how many Dailies you can do per day? If not a limit then some type of soft cap or something? I hit 45 last night and just starting to get some of the "end game" type dailies with soul stones and what not. Well for some reason now after doing most of the Moonwater Dailies it's tell me I need to abandon some dailies before I can do more. Thing is I only have 1 daily in my log right now, it's a Crimson Order (PvP) type daily. Can you only have one of the higher end dailies at a time or something? I can't really figure out why it's tell me this.
  4. Name of this axe?

    was trying to find it on the market, is it not a drop/trade weapon? Know where it's from?
  5. Name of this axe?

    What's the name of this weapon, Axe on the left?
  6. Uh, what's up with the server right now?

    Oh I didn't even see an announcement heh, last two down times were at 6 am too I think. Well guess it's bed time then.
  7. So yeah, I've been playing for a while then tried to swap characters and the game crashed. Trying to log back in now and I keep getting a Disconnected Error followed by a string of numbers. Game closes before I can get a good look at it though. Not sure what's up.
  8. [Request] Block, In combat, Master loot change

    There are loot rules? How do you Ninja loot I was under the impression you had to bid on everything?
  9. PVP is trash

    Yeah no it's not fair, PvP in this game is all about skills and combos so the less you have the more of a disadvantage you're at. That said you don't have to be 45 to compete if depending on who you're fighting. I'm not very good at PvP at all but I have beaten quite a few people well above my level mostly b/c they weren't very good either, I was just better at being terrible. :) There does come a point though where even a mediocre player who's learned a long combo will destroy you if you're too low level to do a similar combo or have the tools to escape it. Generally though I've started doing PvP on all the classes I've done at around 20 and the matches usually feel pretty fair even when I go up against higher levels. Though you can easily tell when you're going up against people way out of your league, especially LBD's as you literally may never get an attack off.
  10. So when will we be getting optimization?

    One thing that annoys me is how glitchy stuff is when you jump on things w/o windstride. Like if you just run up and try to jump on anything and don't actually make it, you start jittering and rubber banding, this happens even with windstride it's just more common not to make a jump when you're not using it. Basically when you collide with any object your character gets all jittery. Example in Jadestone village if you run on those docks in the water, if you just run into the rope handrails you will start jittering all willy nilly, very annoying.
  11. So, this maintenance

    Not understanding that chat restriction part...Level 10 or below? Should that be level 10 or above? Meaning you have to be at least level 10 to use Region chat?
  12. Banned for no reason.

    Uh, so if I go out of town and play my own account on a different computer they're going to ban me? That's pretty stupid. What happens if you know, you move so your IP changes you get banned for living your life? lol this is the dumbest thing ever pretty sure you should be able to appeal this. Logging in to an account from multiple locations is not proof of anything, they're are plenty of legitimate every day life reasons why that could happen. I'm a renter currently so it's completely possible I could end up some where with a different IP or something I hope I wouldn't get banned over it.
  13. So, hotfix for Wardrobe issue?

    Yeah, kind of need my faction costumes to progress so would be nice if I could get access to my wardrobe again. Any ETA on when they will hotfix this, I don't really like skipping content plus this particular quest will upgrade my windstride which I want so yeah; be nice if they could speed up that fix. :)
  14. Wardrobe Can't Be Opened

    Same problem here, can't access my wardrobe at all
  15. Okay while we all know the gold spam is out of control some spammers are more malicious than others and right now on my server there is one in particular that is spamming literally every second non-stop and for some reason I can't block him. I deleted spaces on my block list just to be sure and still it keeps saying "cannot block player" when I try. Do they not have any mods that ever monitor this, I mean I don't expect them to watch chat 8 hours a day but this has been going all day long non-stop this same person I h ave to imagine he's been reported a thousand times by now. Kicker though is apparently he's managed to circumvent their system b/c I can't even block the *cricket*. WWW.AYWGAMES.COM is the name, I don't even know how you even get a character named that, that has to be against the naming policy. I guess it's true the source code for this game was sold to gold sellers. It's obvious this guy is all up in their code, he is unblockable and when you try to view his character info you get a message saying service is down even though it will work for anyone else you inspect.