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  1. Vote of NO confidence for NCSoft/Dev team so far

    If this is a petition, consider it signed.
  2. Why was my thread locked?

    You know why it was closed. You said things against them. I was banned from forums a couple days ago suggesting that if this is the way they are going to handle themselves and their business they need to go WAY down south for a hot meal. In other less agreeable terms no doubt,(you can check my post history if you are curious) but they don't like people saying things against them. Thusly, you can expect locked threads and forums bans for the slightest transgressions. If they can construe it as personal harassment expect to not see it around anymore. Enjoy.
  3. Random DCs?

    It was only $20 that i payed them. Not that it isn't "worth it"..... but the fight just isnt worth it to me. I paid them before I really knew what I was signing up for. My mistake I will live with it. Hell, if they fix the rampant bot problems and somehow stop accidentally banning people for stupid non-cheating reasons i may even come back and play. ATM the last few times I've logged in.... simply to log out 5-10 mins later. I'm sure it will get better, games always do(or fail) but the real question is, will it get better enough?
  4. Oh, when you went to distribute your points (i assume you did this), did the game ask something to the effect of "do you prefer pve or pvp play"? Mine did that, and then my points were "gone" as well, because it distributed them to one of my skills. Go down your whole list of skills to make sure that they aren't already assigned to something. I was kind of surprised it did that, but considering that was the skill i wanted to work on first anyway i thought nothing of it.
  5. Hidden Premium Effect ?

    Indeed. Day one/two/three very few of the notable problems with this game had come to light, we had to let it roll for about a week before most of the issues i take offense to, to come to light. And as I have said in previous posts. When you are constantly below 1s, you really don't feel like you have much of a choice. Granted, i was not noticing things that could have saved me a little bit of money here and there, so my playstyle at the time was certainly partially to blame. Changes not the fact walling of simple things like monsters dropping any form of money(even 1c per kill would be at least be SOMETHING), behind paywalls is not very..... fair? right? Neither of those words really fit the bill. I suppose unfair is the word i would use, without grabbing a thesaurus and finding something a bit more fitting.
  6. Hidden Premium Effect ?

    They did this as yet another measure to force people to have to pay for the game to play it. Dress it up how you want. A pig in a dress is still a pig, yeah she's prettier, with all that rouge and everything you can almost forget that under the foundation still rests an engorged swine. But that is none of my business. (and before anyone asks, yes indeed i put down money for premium. I really wish i hadn't now. But i felt kinda backed into a monetary corner with little to no hope of escape otherwise.)
  7. Hidden Premium Effect ?

    It is not "hidden" at all. The word you are looking for is MISLEADING. To any sane rational person +100% money drops would mean something like this short example. (Bill would have gotten 10copper from a kill, but bill has premium, so now bill gets 20 copper from said kill.) To ncsoft +100% money drops means something closer to this example. (Before premium bill kills hundreds of thousands of enemies, but alas, bill has no premium thus gets abso*cricket*ing lutely nothing for his work.) Ncsoft does not want you to be able to play this game normally unless you have premium. +100% to a VASTLY misleading company means you dont get any gold before premium from normal monster kills. And that you do start getting gold from monster kills after shelling out a predetermined amount of cashola.
  8. Banned... -_-

    Yes, and if when they do their check they notice things accessing the game files, regardless of what they actually are(whether it be WTFast, logitec macro mouse etc.) and ban you. I'm not so confidant in anyone's ability to actually be able to tell whether it was actual botting without going into minute explicit detail, and considering the number of cases they are almost assuredly going through, most gm's(or whatever) are just going to ban you without looking farther into it than just noticing there was something going on there that probably shouldn't be. That's what the appeals are for. We are all human, we make mistakes. But I have seen so many posts the last week or so about people getting banned there is no possible way all of them were actually actively cheating in some way. (And that has actually been alluded to several times by several individuals) Some of them, sure. I'm sure some people are actually naive enough to assume if they come onto the forum and *cricket* about it they will look somehow more legitimate; but not EVERYONE can possibly be that stupid.
  9. Banned for no reason.

    Was it? At least you get to eat right? On a more serious note, I just really couldn't believe that was your response. Your assertion that just simply sharing an account was a good enough reason to ban them was inspired. Inspired me to go way above and beyond colorful. Again, if we just sit back and let them *cricket* us in every way shape and form it will just get worse(kinda like its been doing this past week.....see what i mean?). If you honestly took any of that personally I apologize. Something needs said, something needs done. REVOLT! REVOLT! (that last bit was sarcasm for those that are overly literal.)
  10. Banned for no reason.

    Everyone but the multitude of ACTUAL bots running rampant on the servers. Sounds about right. I'm not making any threats, whats the point really? I'm just very upset that I have given them money already. But lets be honest, the game is pretty difficult to get anywhere in without premium... at least if you like things like getting any money drops whatsoever from random creatures or other "QUALITY OF LIFE"(PFFT) things.
  11. Banned for no reason.

    Regardless, that is the most stupid load of tosh i have ever had the misfortune of hearing about. I stand by my previous comments. (none of it directed at you of course) My Ip changes every time i turn my router off(which i do, do occasionally) and i have more than one computer. So if it shows 2 different ip's they can ban you for that? *cricket*ing rediculous. What's worse is the people defending this.
  12. OMG THANK YOU!!! None of us braindead mother*cricket*ers would have EVER thought of doing that. The point is to express the level of dissatisfaction we are experiencing on a daily basis. The fact that it is actually getting much worse and in no way shape or form better just compounds the issue. I'm sorry, but if we are upset with something why shouldn't we moan *cricket* and complain endlessly? If you just lay back and let them *cricket* you as hard and as long as they want you are actually part of the problem.
  13. What people mean by calling them bots, is once the character is logged in; someone will set a program to play for them, or spam for them. The chars have to be created by a person. At least in 99% of situations they do.
  14. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    It has been getting worse at an exponential rate. I predict by next week almost all of the spam bots will be un-blockable. Way to go Ncsoft. Way. To. Go. *slow claps* Oh, wait, but don't worry everyone. They are "looking into it". Pfft.
  15. Pornographic Content

    Just so we are clear, is it better to pick the "spam" option or the "bot" option when reporting for obscene things? I have neglected to report a few things because there wasn't a selection for obscenities.