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  1. this game gives you 2 options, or you grind or you buy gold from f9 to use the market, your choice if you can't do any of the 2 .... maybe, just maybe.... this game is not for you.... and is not like you need to grind for a shit load of time (unless you want the stuff in a near future) but well, as you already wrote, you work 7 days a week.... if you don't have the time or money to dedicate to the game, is not expected of the game to give you end game gear for free
  2. Clan Workshops

    ^^ this i use it this way when i'm selling an HM pellet, let him enter the clan (he can see the pellet is there for him), have him pay up > rank him up so he can withdraw it
  3. DC's... when you haven't known a DC in months and you try to do tower with all your toons and keep getting dc's and more dc's....
  4. Female dragon pulse emissary has a male VO

    well, just trying to use the market..... still seem bugged, categories still don't work.... look for a pet in Acc>Pet and nothing...
  5. original cropped screen reconstructed model (downloadable as obj, might require a bit of work but better than starting from scratch) research site:
  6. MSP souls shield keys

    enter the raid dungeon and get to one of the camps, there will be an npc selling them
  7. Wish Soul should i get As Gunslinger?

    none of those..... as you should be harvesting those bells to trade for oils....
  8. Hongmoon Pellet?

    same as before
  9. 3 months old thread, no key for you.... go figure.... really. this forum needs a auto thread lock after some time of inactivity
  10. Show Off your Gunner Preset

  11. just as the title. 10 pages of items gone, purchasing items just wastes the coins
  12. 1st login > not item icon (no items) 2nd login > icon but no items 3rd login > no icon, aka no items.... relog.... they say.....
  13. Cant buy Slot Voucher

    same, was out of the country, just got back today
  14. was out for 15 days ( and so unable to get the free char slot), bought one, and nothing
  15. welcome to BNS and bad/problematic translations that is just a login error, with the error being error 42 the 42 has nothing to do with the number of minutes you need to wait googling bns error 42 will enlighten you a bit more, just a generic login error probably the Korean dev team likes Monty Python.... What is the answer to life, the universe and everything? 42
  16. i'm just here wondering what players did on arathi basin, alterac valey or any of the other BG's on some other MMO.... probably they just went to the forums to rage OR, i don't know, probably they went and grind for gear....
  17. Silverfrost Transformation Stones

    Well, what I can read is: IS NOT THAT YOU CAN'T MAKE THE GOLD, IS JUST THAT YOU CAN'T BE BOTHERED TO EVEN TRY TO DO IT. so... ya, in reality you just want free gear
  18. Silverfrost Transformation Stones

    if you can't buy an STS for 17g you have bigger problems than the price. do story 100-130g asura (daily, no one cares about your gear there) 7-10g lair (same as aura) 2-3g cold storage (same as bla bla bla) 2-3g etc, etc the only thing i can ready in your post is: give me all the BIS gear PLZ, without having to waste time OR money for it
  19. as the title.... the game just gives an error if you try to report or decline those friend requests, already made a ticket in support. solution: make a check on the friend requests on login, if the account is already gone there should be no friend requests
  20. suggested easy SSP fix

    the channels have a good limit, but it is one that can be exploited, if you get a taxi for a channel you can enter, so the normal 20-40 player channel goes to something like 50-100 they should just implement hard quotas on the channels (aka disable taxis)
  21. Thank you so much!

    currently playing with bellow 100KB of bandwidth of mobile network, barely can farm peaches (need to stop on the boss events or i just sit there waiting for nothing), still, no dc, no nothing, even when i get 5 secs of skill lag on the boss events. NOW..... what this means..... >> change to a better ISP
  22. i'm not in a pro or a con stance, i'm here just trying to reason why they don't have an automated system for this lets suppose you have a FIRE BM with max gear> create a interface where you choose your future spec > gear changes to the chosen spec BUT lets suppose your FIRE BM also has a LIGHTING build with some gear near max or close to it? how do you dot it now? for every piece of gear let you choose whatever you want? Even if you had no complete set of one element but could make a complete set exploiting my last sentence? it is not a simple solution to implement ALSO what about the ones that already troved in the spring just to get gear for gunner and are now just logging to do the occasional daily dash and/or buying feathers from f10? it is not an easy thing to implement just my 2 cents
  23. out of disc space

    how to move the game dir without downloading all the game files: 1 copy the game dir to some place (eg a directory in the destination disk but not the final destination) 2 uninstall the game 3 start the game instalation and when it starts to download the game files close the launcher (canceling the download) 4 move the game files from step 1 to the final installation dir 5 restart the launcher ( it should detect the game files and just do the file check) 6 profit..... when i want to reinstall the game with the latest patch on my 2nd laptop i just: 1 start the installation on target laptop, cancel when starts downloading game files (if it was not installed) 2 create a network share on origin laptop 3 copy game files over the network to the target laptop 4 launch the game on target laptop 5 profit...
  24. how do i put a picture in my profile?

    do you even read what you write? NO IT IS NOT DISABLED, it is JUST NOT WORKING PROPERLY (try to register and is a hit and miss)
  25. how do i put a picture in my profile?

    first of all: IN THE OP THERE IS NOTHING MENTIONING A CUSTOM PIC and second : EVEN A CUSTOM PIC IS EASY TO DO, LOCALLY OR USING A FREKIN WEB SERVICE as an example... i just did it PS: just a showoff of my imba mspaint skills....