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  1. I'd say SIN. Why? Very simple, an average SIN player VS any other class (including destroyer), will try the combo that removes 50% of your life... then repeat. If it doesn't work, he will play full invisible and win with time. This works against all,. I'm not a SIN hater, just that overall SIN played in average is most OP. KFM, hummm i can only say KFM bot = summoner bot, they can't be defeated (or really really hardly). If a human could have those timings (some do, but do you consider pro chinese players human?...), KFM and summoner most OP. So yeah if your really good with KFM, t
  2. My lovely Miss April, hope the size will be ok
  3. AAA AAA AAA good bye :D Paying 45$ just to play a beta?... i'd rather deal with deez bots :D
  4. Thanks for the replies, now i am only left with Contig that i don't know whether or not it can be banned. Contig is a software i was advised to download and put in the main game folder, and run it every time before i play to get better FPS. Can i get banned for using it?
  5. Hey everyone, Happy not to have been able to log in (PC issues) as i see many people being banned. My question as the title says is: is using Razer cortex and Contig going to get me banned? Those are softwares that help reduce my FPS, nothing else. I play with a intel core i7, and god knows why a computer bought so expensif gives me such low performance (arround 30 FPS max when its not croweded)( i can hardly do any world boss, coz i go below 5 FPS with everything at minimum). I've tried a lot to improuve my FPS and contig+Razer is the only thing that seems to have a sl
  6. arround 30 runs, 5 everyday. Luck does not exist in computers, its a matter of programs. I guess if you run 5 times daily you got more chances of getting it with less than 100 runs, reason? simple, if the program is going to need 1000 runs in day X, maybe it will only need 10 in day Y...
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