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  1. I'd say SIN. Why? Very simple, an average SIN player VS any other class (including destroyer), will try the combo that removes 50% of your life... then repeat. If it doesn't work, he will play full invisible and win with time. This works against all,. I'm not a SIN hater, just that overall SIN played in average is most OP. KFM, hummm i can only say KFM bot = summoner bot, they can't be defeated (or really really hardly). If a human could have those timings (some do, but do you consider pro chinese players human?...), KFM and summoner most OP. So yeah if your really good with KFM, then its the best choice. But how long are you willing to practice with your KFM / summoner to get to bots level? (or crazy chinese pro guys) Now for FM. Hummm, if they would be bots for FM, and good ones, they would be just under KFM bots, but just over summoner bots. Yeah i use bots as reference, but not all, destroyer bots are noobs... The bots i'm talking about are those i encountered personally and that where just impossible to kill (timing/counter/Perfect CD's...). I ain't pro, just an average destroyer/summoner player ^^ So all in all, to their maximum potential, i would say KFM>FM. To human potential, SIN>Warlok>Destroyer>Summoner>FM>Others... Good FM's do kill warloks and sumoners, but my list is all about average players in gold 1700+ rank like me :p Hope it helps you
  2. Show off your characters!!

    My lovely Miss April, hope the size will be ok
  3. Quitting Review - BnS is pretty hollow.

    AAA AAA AAA good bye :D Paying 45$ just to play a beta?... i'd rather deal with deez bots :D
  4. Punishment for Undergear and Delaying Players

    wait wait wait, did i just read all this? (no i didn't, i stopped at "players under geard should be warned if they enter BSH" Ok, i did not read all the other comments, BUT, i got a thought, this fellow needs to be full True Pirate to do BSH? Wow, i knew some people really struggled to do Bloodshade, but really? True Pirate? It is rare that i comment in such topics, but had to say something. We have guids for BSH and Lab my friend, and anyone in Siren or profan can do both. I think i know what his problem is, when he was a noob, a bunch of high level kicked him out of a party xD Thanks for the laugh :D (true pirate for BSH hahahhahahahahah)
  5. Using Razer cotex + contig bannable?

    Thanks for the replies, now i am only left with Contig that i don't know whether or not it can be banned. Contig is a software i was advised to download and put in the main game folder, and run it every time before i play to get better FPS. Can i get banned for using it?
  6. Hey everyone, Happy not to have been able to log in (PC issues) as i see many people being banned. My question as the title says is: is using Razer cortex and Contig going to get me banned? Those are softwares that help reduce my FPS, nothing else. I play with a intel core i7, and god knows why a computer bought so expensif gives me such low performance (arround 30 FPS max when its not croweded)( i can hardly do any world boss, coz i go below 5 FPS with everything at minimum). I've tried a lot to improuve my FPS and contig+Razer is the only thing that seems to have a slight effect (around 5-9 FPS gained YEHHHH). This is not a thread to know how to boost my FPS (i have lost hope), i just want to know if on monday when i get to play again, if i will get banned. PS: Contig is placed in the game file, i don't know if this info changes much, just saying in case :p
  7. Infinite Challenge Costume

    arround 30 runs, 5 everyday. Luck does not exist in computers, its a matter of programs. I guess if you run 5 times daily you got more chances of getting it with less than 100 runs, reason? simple, if the program is going to need 1000 runs in day X, maybe it will only need 10 in day Y...
  8. Stop it - Stop it - STOP IT!

    Because calling people *#%$* always works... Useless thread, go play the game, better time used :D
  9. LvL 45 what to do now

    I am on Ogong (i'm not 100% sure that's how we write it) the french server. Yeah i am french, please don't judge me, i am a good french :(. I'm so exited to find out the 45 content. I was feeling lost because some people told me ill have to change all my stuff...
  10. LvL 45 what to do now

    owwww now i'm feeling bad :( My ultimate goal is to be able to solo all donjon's. Thanks for all the answers, it really helpt me, and i'm now ready for the real game content ( i always believe a game truly starts at lvl max). PoH24 here i come! wait the game is still under maintenance :'(
  11. LvL 45 what to do now

    run around players* Not my kind queue for instances you dont need * eventually you need most items at least to sell :p boost bid item prices * No need of doing so, people a greedy, so greedy the prices go up like hell get owned in arena * my true night mare in arena is force master, the rest i can handle if they have my kind of stuff,rip when i find a full pvp 45 geared look up skirts * Pervert >.< cuddle a lyn * why? i don't find Lyn's cute, i'd rather cuddle Pikachu *-* You forgot : Look for a clan, troll in faction chat and region and make lots of gold for upgrades :p
  12. LvL 45 what to do now

    Thanks for your answer, i now know i am just going to upgrade my stuff, it is easier (in my mind) like this ^^
  13. LvL 45 what to do now

    Hum your post does not really answer my question :o. Unless by showing your character you are discreetly telling me to do like you did and keep evolving my beginning stuff (weapon/necklace/ring,...) then get those bopae you have (aren't they more for pvp than pve btw? thought pve should focus on crit and pvp on defense and hp)
  14. LvL 45 what to do now

    I found out minutes ago, some people say the starter weapon is the same we will keep until the end of the game, and all we will keep doing is upgrading them. Is this true, should i keep my weapon and do my level best to upgrade it? and is it the same with the accessories? (earrings, necklace,...). If that is the case, is my stuff (except bopae's) going to be the same in pvp? Yes i do have a lot of questions, i really curious and when i can't play, i can only ask to those who know best :D
  15. LvL 45 what to do now

    Thank you all for your answers. Finish all side quests? i was planing on not doing them to save time, are they that important? I also thought PoH24 was the better choice since it drops stuff. For the weapon, do i change it as i was told, to a 45 weapon or do i just upgrade mine untile it can't be upgraded? If i do need to change it, should i change it with the PoH24 weapon if there is any there?