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  1. hacked today

    OMG, that was painful to read. Have you ever heard of a period or a comma? Sorry you got hax but my brain is fried after reading this.

    There are planes in ssp now? whhhaaattt! Ncsoft is really listening to us kappa
  3. Pushing Party Member during Chi Restoration??

    Ive never seen an assasin do this, very kewl. But I do it all the time with my Forcemaster.

    This error has to do with graphic settings? I got this error once 2 weeks ago and I've been playing since January. I rebooted and it hasn't happened since. But what does it mean?
  5. back to game ( please help )

    Arieschai summed it all up. After you download it, log into the game and then most importantly play the game. Ezpz.
  6. Help choosing a final class

    Since you have none, try a ranged character. Between fm or summoner that's personal choice. Summoner was my main at first and I got bored and switched to FM and I love her.
  7. Oh nice! Did not know this either, ty. Oh your so lucky, gratz! I used the 50 coral it I got with my swimsuit and the highest was stage 4 so gg. But gratz to u. What server u stream from?
  8. Faction Imbalance

    Ya it's fine they did merge because of low population (making server transfer available in cash shop would of been better). It was a very bad idea to merge servers with opposite majority factions for example merging mushin cerulean with old man cho crimson majority. Why do this? Since this merge even more people have left. It is a weekend and SSP is dead, TWO channels open only, on a weekend!!!!
  9. Weapon Glamour NEEDS REVISIONS!

    Somebody needs to get fired in ncsoft and blacklisted from developing more games lol. Some of these money grabbing game design aspects is just obsurd.
  10. Please have some manners people

    It's a toxic gaming community that has majority of folks with no home training. Lower your expectations so you will never be disappointed. Sad.
  11. Moonstone for nccoin?

    I'd rather pay money for costumes and not upgrade materials :/ Why can't they just add them to some quest rewards like stingers are.
  12. What the hell is this?

  13. my frustrations

    Preach! Straight from the mouth of a new player, we keep saying this time and time again. OP find a clan that does group runs and tag along in their 6 man, you will get better soulshields and learn dungeons eventually(whisper whoever is posting ads in faction chat to join their clan and ask them if they do group runs because u are looking to learn and if they say yes they do, then join). As far as upgrading do dungeons/dailies, save up ur gold and upgrade at ur own pace. Most importantly, find fun in the game and enjoy urself.
  14. Average F2P player reaches 450+ AP now

    I said MAX four a hrs a day, sometimes I dont even log on in those days, or I may play for a hour or two. The 4 hrs is if they grab me to do four man farming repeatedly after I've done some basic quests, thats the longest. But anyway I guess ur definition of casual is different.
  15. Average F2P player reaches 450+ AP now

    Honestly, the excuse of "this is a Korean mmo and it is suppose to be super grindy" needs to stop. I played Tera for over 2 years and it wasn't this bad. The big thing I would say they have in common is rng. Big time rng. Boxes. Loot drops etc. But I played all the classes, I had 8 characters with all maxed gear with never any rl money invested on gear. I only spent money on costumes(I had a blast on that game back then *memories*). This type of grind is on whole other level. People are leaving constantly, just last night after a 4 man run my guildmate/friend from guild whispered to me he was gonna quit, he is 630 AP WL and he says he is tired of all the things issues with game (that multiple people have listed on forums multiple times). Im trying to convince him otherwise because he is really kewl. But he is one of MANY Ive seen dropping off game consistently. Ncsoft needs to change some things or we will be logging onto empty servers.
  16. Average F2P player reaches 450+ AP now

    Well I'm casual(play Monday to Thursday max 4hrs a day...I grind RL work on the weekends) ,played since launch. But I rerolled on new server, so that hindered me alot. My reroll main is now 556. I'm real salty about SSP. I hated pugging dungeons because I always ended up tanking on my FM so I became dedicated ssp grinder. I am now short 16 silverfrost Trans stones to get to awaken Scorpio. All I needed was just ONE more week with stable ssp before merge and I would have been golden lol I joined a clan last month that is actually functional. Omg that helps so much because the first clan I joined as a new player sucked so bad and I didn't leave until it died (honestly didn't know it sucked until I had this clan to compare it to). After I left first clan I played solo for months. OP and others struggling it is absolutely essential you find a clan that does group runs. IT MAKES A WORLD OF A DIFFERENCE. You can be casual in a clan. Anyway I still hate the majority of the dungeons but it is doable with supportive people. Now I'm forced to actually learn them well because ssp is no longer lucrative means of gold on my server. My point is getting better gear is doable with group 'dungeoning' guild.
  17. Oceanic weapon keep failure

    Atleast u got to 5 to 7. I got 4 multiple times and nothing higher. Failure with the 50 I got with swimsuit. I don't care to do it anymore. The gem is waaaayyy out of site for me.
  18. Your new event sucks, please fix the failure rates!

    This is day 1 dude...actually few hours...
  19. No Skill Changes??

    Either way, summoner is radically changed. Geegee
  20. Hongmoon Energy - Stage 1 -> How to get it?

    Type in "oathbreaker" in market place(forget the names of the specific pieces think one is like false edge something or other), there are 3 pieces of yellow shard that u need to buy and put them together. 2 pieces are cheap and the 3rd is like 100 gold atm QQ
  21. AP Recommendation For Upcoming Dungeon?

    This is absolutely minimum requirements, the player with these stats will be getting carried ofc. LEET player
  22. Mushin/omc ssp stalemate?

    Ya, ssp is now cancer. Seems like most days ceru wins, meaning they rule the 3 channels most the time although when crimson gets organized they can take over a channel too. But it seems they dont consistently do that(I have a character on each side). My advise to u since u are not getting boxes farm the keys if u run out and sell the keys to buy moonstones. The keys are worth slightly more than moonstones at this time. Also tomorrow we are suppose to get other opportunities to earn moonstones so hopefully price will drop atleast a little. Maybe put a decent geared alt on other faction and hop back and forth sides depending which faction is being more aggressive to earn keys.
  23. Is it worth coming back?

    Dang you guys.... OP try it urself and decide. I'm super casual player. It keeps me occupied when I have downtime from my life. The game is beautiful and combat is great. Also the bot's don't bother me anymore, they are not as bad as launch. Block spammers. People like to afk though that is annoying, not to confuse with bots cause the afkers are geared. Also i run into them like 1 of 10 runs. Anyway, nothing out there like this mmo so I'm hanging out until something else I think is good comes out. Judge for yourself.
  24. How is party leader assigned?

    Think it is rng, like everything else