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  1. Bot issues are better imho. BnS seems to be going through alot of changes atm. It's like they are still trying to get their footing. They have a ways to go but the game has some enjoyable aspects.
  2. Wow, I didn't know this about the them. This is extremely disheartening!
  3. Ya, nothing enjoyable to do. It feels like a 2nd job. Whoever thinks grinding is fun is insane to me. Get some fun things to do in the game please. Even make battlegrounds equalized at the very least.
  4. This same thing has been happening to me since launch. I would crash after a hour of play and then if I try to log back in I get every error under the sun. Last night I was shocked because I got to play for 3 hours straight which is a record that I didnt crash. I am afraid to go into instance dungeons because it always happens there. I have a $1500 dollar custom gaming build computer-i7 Geforce 970, windows 8.1 etc etc. I have done all the things they told to do in other threads like Disabling other apps( I DO NOT HAVE ASUS OR RAZER PRODUCTS, seems that is the only solution peo
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