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  1. OMG, that was painful to read. Have you ever heard of a period or a comma? Sorry you got hax but my brain is fried after reading this.
  2. There are planes in ssp now? whhhaaattt! Ncsoft is really listening to us kappa
  3. Oh nice! Did not know this either, ty. Oh your so lucky, gratz! I used the 50 coral it I got with my swimsuit and the highest was stage 4 so gg. But gratz to u. What server u stream from?
  4. Somebody needs to get fired in ncsoft and blacklisted from developing more games lol. Some of these money grabbing game design aspects is just obsurd.
  5. @DomiSotto the server link just came into effect a couple days ago so wait until the dust settles at SSP before getting stressed out. Hopefully the pvp griefers will get bored and move on to other things eventually. I would love to try making an alt but the thought of gearing up another character when my main isn't geared yet just gives me palpitations, which shouldn't be that way.
  6. I would bet Reap00's left nut and right that the average player cannot beat Naksun with 400 AP. I am no pro player by any stretch of the imagination but I didn't beat mushin's darkness until 490 AP, but I'm no pro, much less beat Naksun.
  7. So that's gonna suck for new players, I've still not beaten Naksun myself. So again gonna suck for new players that are trying to gear to acceptable AP levels. Also, sounds like a rare drop instead of a quest reward.
  8. Well that is great but I hope it's not a rare drop like honorary ornaments, please let it be dependable drop. Also hope it isn't only for mushin lvl 9+ but reward in 1 to 8
  9. Nope :( This is huge issue we have been complaining about and now new players will have it worse. We keep writing about these problems on forums for devs and it falls on deaf ears.
  10. Bot issues are better imho. BnS seems to be going through alot of changes atm. It's like they are still trying to get their footing. They have a ways to go but the game has some enjoyable aspects.
  11. My alt became my main and she is 556 ap now. I enjoy playing her. My next goal is to save up mats to get to true Scorpio bangle. I would farm ssp for gold because I hate pugging dungeons. Pugging dungeons is AIDs and I dont so it enough to have memorized all the mechanics. So don't depend on this FMs ice when u see me, rip :p But now I'm screwed on ssp with the new server link my gold income will be all messed up, atleast for awhile until the hype dies down.
  12. Wow, I didn't know this about the them. This is extremely disheartening!
  13. Ya, nothing enjoyable to do. It feels like a 2nd job. Whoever thinks grinding is fun is insane to me. Get some fun things to do in the game please. Even make battlegrounds equalized at the very least.
  14. Well I have now officially made my alt FM now my main. I don't like summoner anymore, I just liked having a pet. Grinding to get up to pirate before June 1rst.
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