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  1. OMG, that was painful to read. Have you ever heard of a period or a comma? Sorry you got hax but my brain is fried after reading this.
  2. There are planes in ssp now? whhhaaattt! Ncsoft is really listening to us kappa
  3. Ive never seen an assasin do this, very kewl. But I do it all the time with my Forcemaster.
  4. This error has to do with graphic settings? I got this error once 2 weeks ago and I've been playing since January. I rebooted and it hasn't happened since. But what does it mean?
  5. Arieschai summed it all up. After you download it, log into the game and then most importantly play the game. Ezpz.
  6. Since you have none, try a ranged character. Between fm or summoner that's personal choice. Summoner was my main at first and I got bored and switched to FM and I love her.
  7. Oh nice! Did not know this either, ty. Oh your so lucky, gratz! I used the 50 coral it I got with my swimsuit and the highest was stage 4 so gg. But gratz to u. What server u stream from?
  8. Ya it's fine they did merge because of low population (making server transfer available in cash shop would of been better). It was a very bad idea to merge servers with opposite majority factions for example merging mushin cerulean with old man cho crimson majority. Why do this? Since this merge even more people have left. It is a weekend and SSP is dead, TWO channels open only, on a weekend!!!!
  9. Somebody needs to get fired in ncsoft and blacklisted from developing more games lol. Some of these money grabbing game design aspects is just obsurd.
  10. It's a toxic gaming community that has majority of folks with no home training. Lower your expectations so you will never be disappointed. Sad.
  11. I'd rather pay money for costumes and not upgrade materials :/ Why can't they just add them to some quest rewards like stingers are.
  12. Preach! Straight from the mouth of a new player, we keep saying this time and time again. OP find a clan that does group runs and tag along in their 6 man, you will get better soulshields and learn dungeons eventually(whisper whoever is posting ads in faction chat to join their clan and ask them if they do group runs because u are looking to learn and if they say yes they do, then join). As far as upgrading do dungeons/dailies, save up ur gold and upgrade at ur own pace. Most importantly, find fun in the game and enjoy urself.
  13. I said MAX four a hrs a day, sometimes I dont even log on in those days, or I may play for a hour or two. The 4 hrs is if they grab me to do four man farming repeatedly after I've done some basic quests, thats the longest. But anyway I guess ur definition of casual is different.
  14. Honestly, the excuse of "this is a Korean mmo and it is suppose to be super grindy" needs to stop. I played Tera for over 2 years and it wasn't this bad. The big thing I would say they have in common is rng. Big time rng. Boxes. Loot drops etc. But I played all the classes, I had 8 characters with all maxed gear with never any rl money invested on gear. I only spent money on costumes(I had a blast on that game back then *memories*). This type of grind is on whole other level. People are leaving constantly, just last night after a 4 man run my guildmate/frie
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