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  1. Server "Links" incoming

    we have the same luxury in OMC, and we are worrying about the same things. First few weeks might just be total chaos. will have to see when the fires die down
  2. Server "Links" incoming

    we might get rolled by mushin blues. OMC is red yes, but we don't have the population that mushin has.
  3. Spring update = lagg freeze

    yeah im getting this as well, some skills not going off even if im hammering the button for it, at first i thought it was the ASUS game first thing re-enabling itself, but i checked and that wasn't the issue i hope this gets fixed soon, im dropping my combos left and right, probably gonna steer clear of arena for a while
  4. 4-man RNG drops

    i've seen poh's eyepatch drop like candy the past few days i've been running 4 man. maybe it's just luck.