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  1. Error (3000)(132, 10054)

    I still get this issue and been trying to solve this but still looking for the solution to this >_<
  2. How many sealing charms do you need to seal a awakened hongmoon soul?
  3. Hey, I been having a problem with my blade and soul ever since the maintenance after gunner came out and its actually becoming a big problem to me. Problems that are occurring, when I load into cross server dungeons and after I find a party than press the enter button the game starts a countdown 5 to 0 when the timer hits 0 It stays at 0 until I disconnect fully. Than after that series of disconnects happen like when I launch the game it shows the banner of blade and soul,but no pin pad? Automatically disconnect, than I reopen the game than the Pin pad appears after I put the pin in LOL... It shows the blade and soul banner again but not character select?? Automatically disconnects there... Lmao than the icing on the cake after I login put in my pin and I finally get to the character select screen I press my character press the START GAME button.. LOL than it says connecting...than D/C :D. Like its starting become so bad where im literally asking myself is it even worth playing this game, I put in support tickets they told me (connection is suffering from packet loss. If you are not familiar with this term, it simply means the loss of data while in transit from point A (your computer) to point B (our servers). What this means is that either not enough information could be received, the information that was received was corrupted or it wasn't sent at all.) But what I dont understand is this wasn't happening before the maintenance after gunslinger when they were reworking the BT bosses. Now all of a sudden my connection isn't reaching to their servers?????????? I been playing this game since launch and I've never experience such frustration and disappointment listen ALL I WANNA DO IS FINISH MY DAILIES but I get this man it doesn't make sense. I played through this, waited a week for maintence which was today...? STILL NO FIX? No Idea ON HOW2FIX THIS?? NO HOT FIX?? but if the cash shop wasn't working bet their be a quick fix for that...
  4. MY YURA HAIR ;[

    Give me my yura hair and you will receive money NCSOFT thank you guys By your biggest fan Renzo :d Seriously Stop playing bring out my yura hair.
  5. Yunsang sing the blues Quest

    pls dont say that .-. Ima cry LOL is that really the only way ;[
  6. Yunsang sing the blues Quest

    100 floors? and also do i have to do 20 floors
  7. I've been trying to get the lion's banes hair from mushin tower NPC; however I have to acquire the quest Yunsang sings the blues, but I don't know how to get it ;[. Can someone help me or guide me how to get the quest I really hope I dont have to beat floor 20 -.-
  8. I've been wondering if there going to be a wheel of fortune in the new map silverfrost please someone give meh CONFIRMATIONN :D
  9. I Don't Want To Fight In This !!

    What if they release newer outfits n made some of the outfits hostile to some of the costumes in the market or all?