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  1. Advice: Ignore the negativity in these forums and do what you want. 1. There are plenty of people playing the game from what I can see. 2. Starter Areas are a little under populated on Old Man Cho but I've seen enough people running around that you won't need to worry. 3. Try to find a helpful Clan and group up with a friend, or clan mate, for the tougher quests or if you plan on power leveling a character to max. 4. Have fun...It is a game after all!
  2. is a steam version of the game a possibility

    As a player who played Elder Scrolls Online via Steam I can tell you I don't think you want this game to Run on Steam. The amount of Steam client issues coupled with Steams horrible customer support has turned me off of using Steam. The only benefit to using Steam, in my experience, is having your game Library readily available at any moment. MMOs tend to have their own launchers and should stay that way. The Steam client + Steam Support = A Bad Time!
  3. Apology to NCSOFT and an Suggestion.

    In regards to the suggestion, I thought this was already a thing until I created a new character and noticed that it's not. I to would like to see the Wardrobe become account wide or at the very least give us an easy way to send the costumes between characters. I was able to get the entire Deva costume with ease on my Lyn but not on my Jin. I don't want to grind Deva for the rest of the costume when I already have the entire costume on another character. The same goes for the other Wheel costumes and any other that is not given for quests. I also don't want to rebuy costumes, race locked or not, for all my alts. One of the costumes I have is the rng box costume. I got lucky with that one and don't think I'll get lucky a second time. Actually, I'm not even sure if that rng box is still in the store or not.
  4. Bad RNG is even worse than before

    I've played MMOs where you can literally grind a dungeon 150 times and not get the item you need. 16 chests is not that much. The rng in this game could be worse, I'm thankful it's not.
  5. An Open Letter to NCSoft

    I haven't read any of the other posts in this thread but I have another suggestion for bots in PvP, regarding zen bean purchases. Make purchases with Zen Beans account bound(Unable to trade). This will eliminate botters ability to make a reliable amounts of gold in PvP. Then we just have to worry about them in PvE. Just an idea.
  6. My co-worker says he hasn't experienced any issues like this but I have. Frame drops to the extreme especially at world bosses, with lots of people fighting it, and dungeon bosses/mini-bosses. The dungeon bosses/mini-bosses was just me, soloing a dungeon, and me and a friend 2 maning a dungeon. It's annoying af!
  7. Giant Enemy Crabs - Speargun Doesn't Shoot

    I had the same issue with the spear gun not firing but replacing it, from the rack, worked for me. I never noticed this on my first play through as I just killed them all manually so I don't know if this is new or not.
  8. References to books/games/movies in B&S

    Just discovered this topic and I love it! I've seen most of these references but never thought to make a post or even comment on any of them beyond first recognition. This thread has inspired me to keep an eye out for more to add to this. I noticed some duplicates and suggest that the OP, if possible, edit the first post to show all the currently mentioned references. It's a lot of extra work so I understand if you don't want to do that. It's just a suggestion.
  9. I'm not in a hurry to level to max so I'm mostly farming and selling at the moment. I want to make sure I have plenty of gold now so I don't need to worry about it later. I noted that Deva Essences can sell from 80 copper and up and unsealing charms sell for a whopping 10 silver. If you have a surplus of charms and you don't think you'll need them right away then sell a couple of them for some extra coin. They sell within minutes of posting. Also, do all the dailies at your disposal. They're worth the trouble.
  10. You can try farming and selling essences from world bosses. I made 1 gold and 76 silver for about 3 hours farming Deva. Haven't tried pinchy yet but that one should be fine too.
  11. It's not just you, I get that as well. It bothered me at first but now it's just part of my login process.
  12. Best looking Summoner Staff weapon skin
  13. Profession overview sheet

    This is very helpful, thank you!
  14. Blade Dancer Open World PVP Montage

    That deserves a sub! Awesome video! Keep it up!