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  1. So i just got lvl 50 hm6 today, finished full story quests. What should i do first now ? I have ancestral soul shield set. I can only evolve my weapon - where i find my accessory ? - where should i farm my next soulshield set ? - how to spend my gold ( i didnt upgrade anything yet ) got around 110g + 120g from my old character - im at 550 ap atm, as i said i didnt upgrade my weapon yet. what dungeons should i farm ? id like to know what to do after fresh 50, game changed as i can see in last half year ~ thanks.
  2. Do we have event running right now ? i came back to this game after a long break.
  3. So i downloaded MXM game, logged in with the same email im using to play BnS, now i just need to play these games right ? what if i have characters in BnS on 2 different servers ? Is this code for costume or ? help
  4. Starting fresh after a break, ty.
  5. Need to know, starting fresh after 6month break. :) ty
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