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  1. I am very aware of how the game works. But seeing this dumb response to an obviously silly and exaggerated joke I felt like writing at that moment just makes me regret having written it already.
  2. These are all great suggestions and I really hope they will make it into the game. I would like to add another thing we desperately need and that's way overdue. Please make NCoin balance directly affect your AP. 10 NCoin = 1 AP So even when you trash your cash for store things you still need to get it up again, not even limiting the power you can gain.
  3. You're absolutely right. For some reason I remembered going back to start all the time, while I didn't. Dumb-thread rating: 10/10.
  4. Hey all, I'd like to voice my annoyance about this weird, pretty much non existent RNG after landing on a premium field after having rolled a 1. It seems you always complete one round when this happens, making it close to impossible to get even near the end where the decent rewards like hearts and venture tokens are, in effect punishing people who actually buy premium. A friend confirmed this and to rule out abysmal RNG maybe others could do so as well, bringing some attention to this issue. Completing a round as absolutely zero value since the end reward is nothing
  5. VenomGrip

    symex big fan

    The whole team got a new fan yesterday. I had never watched a tournament until then and I really hoped they would win that last 3v3 in the final :)
  6. I've tried this with a photo earlier today and the resulting obj is a mess you really don't want to do anything with in a 3d program. Aweful topology. But if you're desperate go right ahead \o/
  7. Good one. I laughed. Then cried. But yeah. Aside from the effort of implenting such a system and thus changing the existing one, checking every piece of existing geometry so it doesn't clip would be too much of a hassle.
  8. Welcome to NC Soft's awesome premium model. Just one thing I'm wondering about. Why play on NA when you're in europe. Since you just started I'd recommend switching to EU since the connection is pretty bad already for whatever reasons. You want a ping in this game as low as possible. Take care and have fun leveling :)
  9. I find such ignorance hard to believe, yet I do since it's NC Soft after all. The first paragraph alone is a kick into the faces of those, who are severely affected by heavy FPS loss and ping increase such as myself. No thank you for your modem suggestion since I never had any problems with my ping before. No thank you to any other suggestion because we all know what is effing up the game. First I read it is supposed to be a test. Now it's here to stay despite it being intrusive and wrecking the performance even more. Subscribtion is cancelled of course.
  10. I never even saw the ms on my screen because I used to be way below 100. Usually around 30-40. Whenever I engage bosses now or mobs in basin and dungeons, my ping spikes way up to even 160 at times. I don't know if it's xign or some cheap rerouting and frankly I don't care. But wrecking the performance of a game that's heavily reliant on low ping and a good performane overall, is not acceptable. Cashing in, sure. No one can keep NC from doing so. What we expect however is a game that runs as smooth as possible. You earn money, you have to invest some to guarante
  11. No. Heavy fps drop and ping increase for me. Protection measures must under no circumstance have such an impact on the playability of a game!
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