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  1. Now you have to throw your frost dragon to insta freeze then and pray you can build up your frost orbs fast enough before they charge you. There are on FMs on the top 5 and barely any on top10, so I really don't understand why they needed to change this. Especially with so many classes that can spin away from freeze or block our damage.
  2. The new modes are fun, but FMs will likely never be particularly good at it. They require you to use a lot of CC while still doing good amount of damage. We have to sacrifice a good amount of damage to get CC and defensive abilities, and our main sources of PVE damage are easily blocked/countered/parried. Reason why you mostly see Summoner and Destros on the top, with some KFMs in there as well, the classes that can 100-0 in a 4-5 sec CC chain. In EU I was scanning the top 50 and there were zero FMs. So yeah, it's a fun mode, but at times even more frustrating than meeting good BMs in aren
  3. It's not exactly a buff, but more a fix. Basically KFM/Summ/Sins could use their counter inside the veil and it would proc, giving them easy Agility stacks/Stealth, some players knew this and exploited it. With this that tactic no longer works. As much as I wish it would work like OP thought, we're not that lucky. Eventually we'll get our HM Phantom Grip to disable defensive skills like our Aerial grip does, so that will be good.
  4. How are you even in gold playing like that?
  5. Strategy, for mere mortals, roll over and die since KFM and BM are the bane of our existance due to having spammable counter/block and we still have to wait for ours. When we get the defense breaking phantom grip it will help as well. Until then, you can watch some videos and try to emulate Jaesung
  6. This thread just confirms my suspicions. Sins are not easy wins for FM like a lot of people were saying a while ago. It all comes down to playstyle, if you fight a FM head on, it's an even fight (unless you're RngSin that evades in stealth 3/4/5 times), so not exactly favorable for Sin. I'm not going to teach you how to win against a FM, but if you know what to do (and have some RNG evades), there's very little a FM can do.
  7. I wish they deleted BM and KFM. Signed, FM. See how stupid that sounds? Just be glad you have a free win in FMs and some other classes.
  8. 12 to 14 keys (can't remember now), relevant drops: HM skill, 2 specter outfits, 100ss, 10g in ingots, 3x Naryu Tabs, 10x Perfumes, a couple of Stingers, 10x Weapon Upgrade Elements and a bunch of field repair tools.
  9. That is where I went, I press "Submit a Ticket" on that page and it just reloads the page, I scroll down and it's the same exact page. I tried to log out and log back in, but still does the same... I sent a mail to support@bladeandsoul.com, hopefully someone there will be able to help me.
  10. I keep trying to use the support page on this site to submit a ticket, and it just takes me back to the same page. Tried logging off and logging on again on the site, but stil the same happens. Is there any way to contact a GM/Support over in game issues? Thank you.
  11. Same for me. Seems like authentication servers are down.
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