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  1. Racisme depuis la fusion des serv.

    hum... pour Bless le problème c'était pas les langues c'était le jeu tout entier x) d'ailleurs fermeture officielle des serveurs de bless en septembre le jeu aura pas tenu 1 an... ça en dit très long... même MxM et wildstar ont fait mieux. Pour en revenir au sujet, oui les injures de la part de la commu anglaise sont légions mais bon les FR/DE sont pas en reste non plus...
  2. 2018 Cosmetic Design Contest

    No whale skin :/ that's a shame... https://i.redditmedia.com/Wq9acEr3KGR0wPJO9fgL6xNboSk471PcEIPcgOD0sOQ.jpg?fit=crop&crop=faces%2Centropy&arh=2&w=960&s=dff99fee71420ed797c0d4fcb09e0f90
  3. Tiger RNG boxes

    Pleaaaaasseee stop with these RNG boxes events! THIS IS THE WORST EVENT EVER! The rosethorn event was bad for the players and now you're doing it again with the tiger outfit?! WTF! I don't want to pay 1000€ for an outfit just because I have a bad f*cking RNG stop this sh*t please! I'm so sick to see all these great outfit in the shop that I can't afford because I'm not a whale who can spend thousand € for RNG boxes specially just after a Trove! Awfull whale event...!
  4. Legendary Bracelet Drop

    Saw 3, two tiger and one dragon in 38 runs and I bought mine for 245g the 38th run.... :/ it's a matter of RNG...
  5. Same Hairstyle when u wear Headgear !!

    There is a simple solution to this problem and I still ask myself HOW Ncsoft never did that... Just let people use 1 headgear and 1 hairstyle at the same damn time! Because this is one of the major problem I have with the outfits... You have to choose with a good headgear but with a ugly hairstyle or a good hairstyle without a headgear...
  6. I know that there is something like that with the Maple leaves but the leaves are not 100% drop while the safety net system is a 100% and you don't have the same loot list as the RNG box. I used the wings as an example because it's THE item who has the badest chances of drop here and I think that's wrong because they prefer to let people have a lots of Mats and rare stuff like pet pods or Octogonal gems instead of outfits... Oo It's like "Yeah P2W is okay but SKINS NO WAY!!!" This is so wrong right now I think rare mats have to stay rare and not buyable and outfits needs to be a lot easier to get... I mean. 1 leaf for 1 pet pod and 100 leaves for an old chinese Wings skin... REALLY?! It's not even an Exclusive EU/US outfit ...
  7. RNG Boxes are like Lootboxes You know what you can have but you don't know if you will have it because of RNG! If you are lucky you have good thing, If you are not lucky you have bad things. SO YES LOOTBOXES = RNG BOXES = GAMBLING
  8. I'm thinking about that for a long time now and since NCsoft always wants to put these RNG boxes in the shop maybe we could talk about a "safety net" system... I played a lot of MMO's and played a lot of games on mobile (not only candy crush... but also CH/KR/JP Mobile MMO's ^^) and RNG is a big part of this market and NCSOFT love to put RNG in their games. Some Mobile games use a "safety net" system to grant things from the RNG boxes or Summons even if you have no luck. Ex) If you buy like 50 RNG boxes you have one outfit from the RNG box Automatically! It could be great Because if you want the wings right now, with 50 boxes you have 1/3 chances to have them automatically istead of 1/28. It reduce the RNG amount and gives more chances to people with bad RNG. Feel free to tell me what you think about this idea and give some feedback! :D
  9. No They clearly don't learn from their mistakes sadly... Take Aion : They didn't communicate, didn't heard their EU / US communities and after just two years the EU ended up sold to CrapForge and US is now dead (only two servers remaining) and have a BIG P2W CashShop on all Versions (EU/US/KR/CH/JP/RU). No ads Take Wildstar : Dead after a year, now cashgrab Free to Play... China realeased canceled. No ads Take MxM : They didn't heard us when we said that the 1.3 will kill the game in september But I will quote the dev team : "The decision to lower the amount of X-Coin that can be earned was not a decision we took lightly, but these changes are necessary for the longevity of the game." Yeahhh right... Where is MxM now? Dead! oh and of course has always, NO ADS! This is the same pattern OVER AND OVER AGAIN... They just update their Cash shop they took us for granted but they sadly looks like just a greedy company... They don't communicate or not enough, they never or rarely balance their game... They use Asian market systems like RNG boxes while we always say that US/EU HATE THIS! Like really, this is the worst system ever for an MMO but they just don't care...! I played all the NCSOFT games and they always do the same thing. Only GW and GW2 are working great but it's because it's ArenaNet not NC... :/
  10. You can see on this video the new Trove system and also the Elements and jewels costs that Koreans can pay with naryu and golds and I think it would be really good to have the same system! The elements / Jewels costs at 28:10
  11. Maintenance times. For real now?

    LoL yeaaaah right...!
  12. Yeah! I hope they are going to do something really good about the new Premium or I'm not going to subscribe anymore I just canceld last month ... :/
  13. The worst supppor that I saw!!!

    Yeah, the support is not great :/ I just got a problem with them and still not resolved after 5 days... #14981832 I wanted to get a refund of the automatic premium system who auto paid 1 day before my premium from last month was over... I told them 3 times that I wanted to get refund and after 5 days they just told me that I can't have a refund because I used my Account... What a great support indeed.
  14. Actually there is some new coming soon Youmukon said on the french forum that they are currently reworking the premium system! :D