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  1. Hi! I'm a recently returned player starting from scratch to relearn the game. I'm hoping to find a fairly social clan that enjoys getting together to do content or just mess around sometimes. Character Info: Name: Bella Freya Race: Lyn Class: Blade Dancer Level: Currently 22 If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. ^_^
  2. Show off your characters!!

    Recently returned to the game and started from scratch as another Lyn Bladedancer.
  3. Show off your characters!!

    CTRL X removes the HUD.
  4. Show off your characters!!

    Recently came back to the game and started over as a Warlock. Here's my little Cutie Petutie
  5. Show off your characters!!

    Just got the Regium Corvus outfit today.
  6. Show off your characters!!

    A friend of mine is playing on Iksanun, so this is the character I created so I can play with him. Valora Shade, Yun Force Master
  7. Love The Game

    I, too, am enjoying the game!
  8. Game Launcher

    I haven't had a single problem with the launcher.
  9. Show off your characters!!

    I tried doing the same thing when I made my Destroyer, but since I couldn't get more muscular arms, I decided to go male for it instead.
  10. Show off your characters!!

    A Gon Destroyer I made. Was trying to reference this FF14 character of mine. I think I might've made my Gon's arms too short...
  11. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    Yeah, I logged into my alt today and filled my block list within 5 minutes...
  12. Show off your characters!!

    Wanted to try out KFM, so here's Lydia Song
  13. That's why I chose a less popular server. And queue times aren't all that bad while all the kid players are in school.
  14. Show off your characters!!

    There was way too much sex appeal with the other one. :P
  15. Show off your characters!!

    Here's my alt I made yesterday. Neelo, and his familiar, Nyani.