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  1. IMO, the event wasn't that bad. It just wasn't worth the extra effort so I had a chance to relax a bit on playing. ?
  2. For me, yes. I'm even playing at least 2 characters now and I only PVE. ?
  3. 1. In your opinion, what is the state of the game (Bad, Meh or Good)? - IMO, O think the game is good if you're talking about stability. Looks like it's not shutting down any time soon. As far as gameplay, I enjoy it at my own pace. I pay sometimes but I don't do all available content. 2. Warden is the new class (btw poor destroyers, who is going to play them now?), and usually new classes are OP as FFFF. Your top 3 for PvE and PvP (assuming average skill)? - for me Warden, Gunslinger, Warlock... I don't PVP btw... If i do, it'just for fun. Destroyers are still awesome in the game. I just
  4. Upping the drop rates at least would be a quick win... Im farming Outlaw Island and it's really not an easy task especially with bad ping.
  5. Can somebody provide a screenshot of the different boxes and their possible contents? I don't remember but I believe only 1 item is guaranteed. +11 achievement costs at least 30 gold + 5 runs. --- My bad... Sorry, i posted wrong details.. crafting 6 for 1 gold isnt bad at all... Tnx for the screenshot.
  6. +1 on this.... I still enjoy playing though. ?
  7. Thanks for the change in the event... Regarding the issue on the bladedancer, can't we report that type of playing as a violation of player conduct?
  8. What gear do you have on you now? First thing IMO is you should finish the story. ? as far as daily quests, you should have no problem completing it. After the story, you'd be around HM9.
  9. In my opinion, that wasn't a pretty bad roll. ?
  10. Yeah, another reason to leave the blue quests alone in the old maps. ? I'm actually missing them already.
  11. I'm also in favor of returning the blue quests in the old maps. I do them on my spare time just for the heck of playing with no stress at all. I also wish the soulstone rewards in moonwater faction quests will be returned.
  12. Yeah, I'm so sad playing now and have to go to Heaven's Reach before logging out. Leaving Jinsoyun alone just doesn't feel right at all. ??????
  13. Whoa Im from Philippines to and ms never dropped below 300 for me... ? tried fm.. now im a gunner
  14. I believe I got mine from MoW.... never dropped from BSH or NSH for me.
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