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  1. Elysian crystals and moonstone crystals both need a better % chance in treasure pouches.
  2. This would be nice. Something else to consider is pick up quests. I personally think pick up quests are a huge waste of time and feel that they should just be removed in basin.
  3. I saw this and was excited but they don't say anything about the offals or elixr.. Might just be talking about books. I'll try and be positive though. Edit - I just reread it and yes they are removing it for everything. Thank you NC, you done good.
  4. I would like it if someone from NC would make a statement on HM skills. You need to be gold rank to actually buy any of the offals/ember from the trader, is this intended or not? If it's not intended when can we expect some sort of fix? I think alot of people who have been preparing their items for the cost reduction would appreciate a official response
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