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  1. First part of your statement is very true, great analogy btw. first part of second statement is half true I think. people should be able to join the faction they want. Especially for the subscribers. Or maybe that should be the tipping point something to incentivize people to join premium. Make faction choice optional while FtP must deal with the balancing system. I mean I want to play on the side I choose, for my reasons. I pay for the game monthly, I think it should be my choice. If one side or the other is having trouble getting members, perhaps that side should re-think how to change the w
  2. I haven't done any faction quests yet just joined one. Also not in a clan. So do you have to be wearing the faction uniform to do the quests? If you do I can see the problem pvp during those quest objectives. But if not then I don't really get why having opposite faction around or in the channel effects things. So that was my round about way of just asking, why is it a problem?
  3. OMG....was that hgvhgjhnj in that screan shot? I haven't seen that guy in forever. Not sense that last time I blocked reported a few days ago...I wonder how he's doing. Good old hgvhgjhnj I tell you the stories I got about him myself and xvbavwag....and don't even get me started on yhuibgthsfr....man that guy could be a real *&^#@$% sometimes, with a capital &@. I heard he got married to FU2bgtmpp and they have a few kids, little jghhjgjb and Bob. Anyway what a small gold add world we live in. This is your brain on Gold Adds. Don't be a Gold Add--DICKed. Hope you enj
  4. Well from my perspective the balance between the factions shifts back and forth pretty much constantly....I been playing from head start, I chose not to join a faction because on my server, Master Hong, Crimson filled up very fast after a few instances where lvl 45 CO members were ganking lvl 6 people. that put a lot of people off, and Crimson membership sky rocketed on my particular server. I waited and thought I was SOL until a few days ago Crimson was open again. I joined Crimson, hooray for me. Anyway....there are various reasons why one factions fills up before the other, the
  5. yeah I don't know how I could have been any clearer brother.... :-/ *snicker* that first line was me supposed to be baffled that my words had gone unnoticed. Which is probably a sign I need to go to bed soon. :-))
  6. *Points to above post...* waaaaaaaa....but I... wait....ah what? I'm just playing I know you said it was constructive in the beginning, I'm just teasing you because you started out sounding like it was inspiring and ended up like still disappointed with the ," easier way out" statement. I know what you meant though. One out of the masses does not a success make.
  7. I have a had a few criticisms to say about the game, but I had hoped them to be constructive. All and all I like the game a lot. I think its new to the region and there is somethings that most western area mmo players are not used to. After seeing that they really are taking care of the bots and Adds,( yes I know its not finished but the cleanup is actually happening), I think its a great game. The only thing really left is for them to incentivize the membership subs to be better so people will actually sign up for them. As it stands there is still a lot incentive to stay F2P. That be
  8. You can talk with others in the game... they are just gold spammers, have you ever tried talking to one, I bet they got some interesting stories. Sorry, no but, seriously I can talk to anyone in game, I really do not understand the complaints about not being able to communicate because of spammers. I'm not saying you are not having that issue, just that I have not had to deal with it as much. First few days, yeah it was horrible, I didn't even turn Regional chat on for awhile. But now, at most all have to ignore is maybe 4 gold adds in any given area. People complain about endl
  9. Don't be dis-hearted bro I don't know what to say other than the same old stuff we already know including you I'm sure, we just need to be reminded once in awhile. The world is full of jack-asses, and unfortunately they outnumber the level headed people. I think the major differences are the jackasses have big mouths and always need to be screaming in chat, the level headed ones just don't talk as much, we're busy playing the game, or only talking to our own in clan. Just find a clan or group of people to friend that are like minded, that takes time. Patients Grasshopper.....If you don't k
  10. I don't know about everyone in the forums but I think this just about sums it all up. I been saying it for awhile in different threads, and this is the direct acknowledgement from part of the NC Team. Just patients. Issues take time to resolve, I strongly recommend anyone that cannot wait and is to frustrated to check back and see how things are in a short awhile, so they don't miss out on the fun. I think we can all agree the game play is different and unique....and the gameplay is what you are doing the majority of the time, as the above stated the rest will get resolved. Peace Chicken
  11. I can only assume you're being sarcastic. If you already no how the process of a law suit goes, why did you even bring it up? You should also now then, it isn't even close to being the right course of action for a business to take, in this situation. But, you already know the process, so never mind those particulars then. To address your second line. It doesn't even touch the game companies profits, directly. They have no direct competition for sales to my knowledge. If NC soft wants to reply and tell me I am wrong so be it. Let me be clear...I am saying they have no direct competi
  12. *face palm* This is either a troll or a really dumb person. I can't decide which. Is it just me or does a lot of the complaints like this, and the one that started the post seem to be coming from people that are playing EU servers? The broken English is what I am referring to. I'm seriously not trying to be a jerk here, its genuinely confusing why people seem to think the game is difficult to understand. Assassin is a crap class..wtf? There is plain detail in character creation about difficulty levels for each class... Assassin and KFM are slotted as Hard and Expert for level of play difficult
  13. Meh people don't like it when someone talks trash or what they perceive to be trash, about something they enjoy. Kind of like if you call something others like stupid, the people that like said "thing" can interpret that as calling them stupid because they like it. Its not generally true, its just how people misunderstand one another. But yeah, people are a bit to defensive about this particular thing.
  14. Agreed about the type of chat that is in Regional, its almost worse then WoW trade chat. Usually teenagers talking about some retarded sexual thing for the purpose of shock value. I enjoy a good sex joke or stupid humor sometimes as well, but it just goes on and on. " my mom and dad are not in the room...I can type dirty stuff and try to gross people out...*snicker*".....I know dude it wasn't worth reading.
  15. Law suits take more time and money than almost any other legal action on the planet. Building evidence, dealing with attorney fee's....by the time NC Soft buried the gold farming jack asses in court, it would have cost them a pretty penny. Also court processes take lots of time. We would not see the result of such a action for at a few months if not half a year. I've been involved in suits before, and they were rather simple. We had everything, and were a lock for the win. It still took forever to get the court to approve our claim, we did win, but the time frame was ridiculous, ov
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