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  1. Hey guys, sorry for the wait but here is the next batch of requests @Oxygen Young Jinsoyun This was a collab work between me and Ra9eQuit, we've both put our own little details in the toon and this is what we came up with @Kasumi Jin Chick Not much to note about this one, I'm not too sure what her face is supposed to look like from a straight angle but I feel this is relatively close @Xebenkeck I'm not too proficient with male chars, but I did what I could with the source and this is the result. Hope it doesn't disappoint D: The bodies are all my (with the exception of Young Jinsoyun) interpretation of what it SHOULD look like Feel free to modify any aspect that you feel could be better SIDENOTE: I've been really busy with school again recently so unless you're willing to wait longer than usual, please direct all requests to Ra9eQuit for the time being DL links sent
  2. @Pollux Thanks a bunch! Unfortunately opening it in a new link doesn't seem to work for me either D: I'm using chrome so I dunno if its the browser or just something's wrong on my end... Anyhow, thanks again =]
  3. @Oxygen Just an update, your 2nd request of young Jinsoyun has been completed and is going through final peer review and will be sent within a few hours. As for Catherine, I've scrapped the initial project and have decided to start anew. It's proving to be a bit more complex than I thought it'd be D: but I'll get it done by tmr night at the latest @Kasumi I'm still waiting on a viewable version of that picture you posted. I've tried using a different browser and it hasn't worked either, so I need you to repost the picture using either imgur or any external host. Sorry D: @Xebenkeck Your request will be done by tmr night at the latest, I had to run an errand today that took a bit more time than I expected, so it's most likely not going to be done by tonight D:
  4. @Xebenkeck Sure thing, I'll work on it tonight with the other requests!
  5. @Kasumi Hey! Sorry but the image isn't working for me D: If you can post it again with a imgur link maybe it'll work?
  6. My character preset museum!

    Wow, excellent work! looks very nice :D I particularly like your Yun FM and the metal gear Snake remake.
  7. @Oxygen Looks excellent! I personally made a gon for her because their features resemble those of latinas the most. But you've done a very good job with the yun :DD
  8. Hello! @Oxygen I've finished your Jinsoyun request, not much to note here besides there might be aspects that are not down to the tee. However, I did what I could and thought it turned out fine. Here is the source that I based it on Here are the previews Believe me, the eyes and brows are correct, it's just my computer runs the game at lowest settings so it might look a bit more pixelated and less well textured. Your Catherine request will come a bit later as I'm still working on it DL link sent
  9. @Aerkry Ra9eQuit will take care of your request, he has already posted a preview and notes etc etc and already has finished a toon for you
  10. @cloudx777 Hello! As promised, I've taken a look at the zoomed in version of your picture and made some quality of life adjustments that will definitely better represent her in terms of more fine detail. Sorry for overlooking the zoom feature, it was actually a fantastic angle that I didn't realize was available. No notes on this one, I feel it turned out relatively well, not too much of a difference from my initial toon but is definitely more accurate :DD DL link sent
  11. @Oxygen Sure! Put em here if you'd like, but maybe you want to start a thread of your own? It might gain more popularity that way, either way I'll leave it up to you. But I'm always learning from other peoples' styles so it would definitely be my pleasure to see what you have =] And I feel you bout that uni life man, especially with finals coming up in under a month D:
  12. @Oxygen It's fine lmao I was kidding about the gold, especially if you're not that rich yourself I wouldn't want to extort you for a job you could probably do yourself if you tried :] As for an ETA for your requests, I'll take my time so expect it to be 24-48 hours from now Also, I've been going as far as I could with all my requests, if it doesn't impress then there's not much I can do DDDD:
  13. @cloudx777 OH sHIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTt! Bro, I am so sorry how could I have missed that D: I'll revise the toon and send it to you again tmr with a preview mybad =( @Oxygen I'm not gonna say no to free gold kek but yes it's free, I'll work on it tmr along with cloud's request. In the meantime, can you tell me which you want me to try to replicate? Like wallpaper jinsoyun or in-game jinsoyun (cuz they look different) and provide some sources (preferably close up neutral expression angles) for the requests as I'm too much of a little *cricket* to google it myself :[
  14. @cloudx777 OH FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF! Sorry dude D: I honestly didn't mean to miss yours, I just overlooked it by accident because it was a link, I'll get on it right after dinner (in a hour or so) and I'll PM you on a new account because this one already reached the 3 daily PM limit
  15. @Puppy Pie @eXzi The gon toon will be in your PM box tmr, give me a message if you can't wait and I'll use my other account to send it to you. @Scared Hey! Don't worry about the work, I'm not too concerned about that. It's just that I was worried you wouldn't like how it turned out so I kept revising it D: My face was literally glued to the screen (like 2-3 inches away from the monitor) the whole time while I was working on it trying to see better LOL. Glasses won't save me now D: