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  1. Not who you're replying to but: That's not the issue. It's not the driver (I have upgraded or rolled back to four different drivers now, from the newest to one from Nov), the graphics card, temperatures, any of the hardware, or anything else. I have tested every single piece of hardware (and disabled all non-windows software) on my system and literally Blade and Soul itself is the only problem. I have no issues on any other MMO or single player game, even a different region's release of BnS. Which is what is bothering me the most. It's obviously not the graphics or your hardware when almost th
  2. Here's my bae ♥ (I would die of happiness if I could have the hair from the gon female Stalker hat 24/7)
  3. Specs/Hardware/Peripherals Nvidia Geforce GTX 970 EVGA SSC 4GB Windows 10 Intel i5-3350P Logitech G502 Proteus Core (mouse) Logitech k750 (keyboard) Steelseries Sims 4 Headset First my issues were random driver crashes from the second the game was open (that made trying to snatch up my name fun at launch!) but it was ONLY on the character selection/creation screen. Then, it started to happen in-game. So I updated my graphics driver to the newest one. And...then it started to crash my entire system. It's done it about 8 or 9 times so far and it's really
  4. I'm having issues too. My driver crashes repeatedly during character creation & the char selection screen, and that happens quite regularly (I can't sit in a queue without my driver crashing) and I've had one blue screen instead of a driver crash. The issue is absolutely only with Blade and Soul, and only with the NA/EU client. I ran multiple games (Dragon Age: Inquisition, Elder Scrolls Online, & a few others), and I ran several benchmarks, and experienced no issues. My RAM, CPU, and GPU are in perfect condition. No other game or program has problems. I have a
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